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UCAS and employment

  • Many participants who choose FZY Year Course continue on to higher education

  • The UCAS website is excellent at explaining how the process works in order to defer entry for a year

  • UCAS recommends the following:

           "A gap year can be great for your CV - If you decide to apply for university most former gap                   year students are genuinely more focused and responsible"​

  • "When I now interview graduate candidates, I notice that those who have had structured gap or time out are often distinguished from their peers. The experiences they have had and the lessons they have learnt make them memorable and ultimately more successful in their careers."

Why not hear from past Year Coursers on their experience? 

"The decision to defer my uni place and go on YC was not one I made quickly or easily but it’s definitely the best decision I’ve ever made!  The time I spent volunteering on ambulances with MDA was incredible and so so meaningful, it gave me the chance to see another side of Israel I never would have as a tourist. MDA gave me an opportunity to really experience emergency medicine giving me the perfect foundation for starting Medical school this year. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities YC has given me!"

Rebecca Myers, Year Course 2019/2020

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"Everyday since leaving Year Course i find a new way in which it has helped me grow. It has changed me in all the right wasys and i could not be more grateful to have had the experience."

Ariella Basger, Year Course 2020/2021

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"Year Course is more than just a Gap Year; it is unique opportunity to explore yourself through a country that has so much to give. Israel is an inspiring nation, and I have gained a stronger Jewish identity and passion for Israel that I would never have originally thought possible."

Joel Landschaft-Singe, Year Course 2016/2017

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"Year Course is really the best way to spend your gap year. You get to see Israel in a completely different perspective and are given opportunities that you can only dream of whilst living in Israel. You also meet people from all around the world and form friendships that will stick with you for life! There isn't much else to say, but to sign up for Year Course and experience the best 9 months of your whole entire life!"

Maddie Salt, Year Course 2018/2019

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