Sabbatical Team

Imi grew up at HABS Girls, and has been part of FZY ever since she was a participant on FZY Tour in 2014. We haven’t been able to get rid of her since; she has led Kesher camps, TY and the Tour Three 2018 Hippos.


Her infamous reputation in the movement surrounds ruthless political opinions and gold medals in the Maccabiah games (in netball obviously!).

Anna was born in Russia and made Aaliyah with her family when she was 2 years old. She grew up in Kfar Saba with her mum and two siblings, and did a year of voluntary service working with disadvantaged youth. Then she served in the Army as a Hebrew teacher for new soldiers in Mechve Alon base for 2 years. After studying Informal Education and Social Sciences at university, she has joined FZY as Shlicha for the central region.

Jack has been Involved in FZY for nearly 10 years, since starting at the weekly Chavurot in Leeds. Ever since Jack has been actively involved with highlights including; Leading summer camps, going on year course 2016-17, being a member on the Veida steering committees and winning Maccabia in 2018 when leading the tour 7 Incredibles. After finishing his Psychology degree in Newcastle, Jack is now very excited to start his role as a movement worker to be coordinating summer camp, revamping the Noar and Chavurot programmes, while also keeping a close eye on the north.

Noah’s been involved in FZY events ever since tour in 2014. He’s roshed seminars (including the inaugural Hadracha Seminar), led the Veida Steering Committee, led Tour 2 in 2018, as well as Tel Yehudah in Barryville. Now he’s on the Movement Team, Noah is incredibly excited to be coordinating Tour, the programme that drew him and so many others to the movement, as well as providing love and support for our wonderful Bogrim (university students). Ask him anything about the FZY constitution, or how his early morning spin-class went.  

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Professional Team


FZY's Executive Director, based in Israel


Office Manager, currently on parental leave


Programmes Coordinator


Diller Teen Fellows coordinator, and Year Course recruitment 

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