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Sabbatical Team

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Lucy Ross


Lucy is from Leeds and joined FZY at local chavurot meetings in 2016. She then went on Kesher summer camp that year and the year that followed. Lucy went on Israel Tour in 2018 and was a participant and Junior Counsellor with Diller Teen Fellows. Lucy has been a madricha on FZY’s day and residential camps alongside many shabatton weekends. She spent her university years at the University of Nottingham studying History, where she was extremely involved with Jewish life. She was an active member of the Bogrim community and has dedicated over 8 years to the movement. In February 2023 she was elected as Mazkira of the Movement for 2023/24.


Jamie Wise

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Jamie is from London and started his FZY journey on Israel Tour in 2018. Since then, he joined the Hadracha Bet leadership course and participated in the "Prague, Present, Future" campaign in Prague. In between his time at university, he enjoyed leading FZY Summer Camp in 2020, 2021 and 2023 as well as Israel Tour in 2022. Outside of FZY, Jamie studied Geography at the University of Nottingham. Jamie has thoroughly enjoyed his time in FZY and he is excited for the year ahead.

Alex Jaffe

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Alex is from Manchester and started her FZY journey on Kesher 2016 where she first met Lucy, the mazkira. After being a chanicha on numerous programmes she joined the hadracha programme in order to become a leader. This led Alex to be a madricha on FZY Kesher 2021, rakazing Kesher 2022 and leading tour 2023 during university, where she studied Psychology. Alex has loved being a part of FZY as a member of the movement and can’t wait to be apart of the movement team.


Josh Foreman

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Josh started his FZY journey on Israel Tour in 2018. After a hiatus with his FZY journey, Josh returned to the movement in 2022 as a madrich on Israel tour, he then led Israel tour again in 2023. Josh has recently graduated from university and is now eager to get started working with the new movement team of 2023/24.

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Gal-Osher Avrahami

central shlicha

Gal-osher is originaly from Moshav Maslul (in the South). Before FZY, Gal-osher was a Pre-military preparatory Coordinator at the Jewish agency and previously worked in the office for the Minister of the diaspora. Gal-osher served in the military in the intelligence air force, followed by some traveling in South America. She started and finished her degree in middle eastern studies and political science. While she was in University she worked as a head of foreign Relations in the student union and led students delegations to Budapest, Ethiopia and America.


Ofri Gubber

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Ofri is originally from small town in the south of Israel called Meitar. She joined Tzofim when she was in year 4 and was involved with the movement until she finished high school. After graduating she continued her journey with the Tzofim when she did year course in Ma’alot- Tarshiha in the north. She joined the IDF and served as education coordinator in the tanks unit. She became an officer and was incharge of training around 200 soldiers. After some time travelling in Central America she came to London as a Shlicha for FZY and the Israeli scouts.

Professional Team

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