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FZY camp is an experience like no other. Whether you have been on camp before, are a regular attendee of our year-long programmes, or are looking to jump into the start of your FZY journey, there is simply no better place to be this summer!

This year, we’re proud to once again be offering our UK camp, Kesher! Our educational action-packed camps are filled with everything from our famous Maccabiah sporting event, legendary colour war to exciting trips out with outdoor off-site activities and creative, innovative educational activities.

Our peulot (activities) are engaging and educational, to help create an experience which is truly like no other. Participants will make lifelong friends from all over the UK, and make memories that will never be forgotten. All of our summer experiences create deep and lasting connections to FZY and Israel whilst the chanichim (participants) will strengthen their Jewish identity and become the next generation of Jewish leaders.

FZY camps are run by the most dedicated and experienced Madrichim (leaders), who grew up in the movement and work tirelessly to create the best camp experience possible.

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Kesher is back for Year 9 and Year 10(England) and S2 and S3(Scotland), lasting 11 nights and 12 days. Whether you are coming back for another year, or starting your FZY journey, Kesher is a fantastic place to be this summer. Whilst still bringing together participants from across Britain, the Kesher summer camp retains many of the highlights from Ofek whilst building upon these in ways more suited for the age of the participants.

With more than 30 years of summer camp experience in the UK, FZY utilises this to create a Kesher schedule packed with the perfect balance of fun, engaging educational content, outdoor activities, and opportunities for participants to select what they want to do

On camp we don’t just speak about Israel, we create the framework to become personally acquainted with Israel. FZY are planning to bring over a delegation of around 15 Israelis, who are the same age as the camp participant, to join the summer camp. Not only will the Israeli delegation be able to share about their life in Israel, but they will act as a window into Israeli society, friendships will be formed, new cultures experienced, and fun times had by all.

Some of the new aspects to look out for in Kesher:

Expanded Programme – Participants will delve deeper into the educational components of the camp and to introduce age-appropriate new, different, and innovative activities.

Stepping Up – The teenage participants of Kesher are ready to level up and enter the next stage of their FZY journey. As such, the camps provide opportunities for participants to take that step. Whether that be through a volunteer or social action project the group undertake, by being provided additional responsibility as part of a short-term structured leadership role with their peers or creating a platform to investigate issues important to them, the summer camps will ensure a safe dynamic environment for growth, fun, and exploration. The day trips, shabbatmosphere, FZY Maccabiah Games, and several other highlights from past FZY summer camps will all still be present, but additionally Kesher will take the summer camp experience to the next level of deeper connection, engagement, and fun.


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Misdar Boker – This is an atmospheric way to start to the day. FZY brings the entirety of the camp together to sing, chant, dance and have fun with one another whilst learning about their plan for the day ahead in an organised and lively ceremony.

Chuggim – Everyone has their own passions and skills, and these chuggim sessions allow participants to focus on these. Whether participants choose to focus on art, drama, sport, the Israeli Scouts, dance, creative writing, or something else, they will undoubtedly be grateful for the opportunity to mix with others who have similar pastimes whilst engaging with what they love.

Extravaganza Programming – FZY summer camps are known for their large-scale activities, such as its Maccabiah Games where participants compete in a variety of events, and the Colour War where groups battle it out in a messy entertaining way. These are often some of the highlights of camp.

Education-Focused Activities – It may be the summer holidays, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn. FZY are informal education specialists, and many of the activities will delve into an engaging educational theme around FZY’s ideologies using a wealth of creative methodologies to do so.

Outdoor activities – Creating opportunities for participants to bond whilst having fun together is an important concept of Ofek. In previous years we have achieved this through outdoor activities, zorbing, archery, zip lining or other exciting activities. This summer will be no different with some of the time focused on this.


Structured free time - Free time allows the chanichim to relax outside of our activities. Our madrichim will provide balls, games and art equipment to allow a structured period where the chanichim can more informally interact with one another in a supervised format.

Off-site experiences – Participants get the chance to go off site once a week to something. In previous years, the experiences have included hiking, laser tag, and a high ropes course. As mentioned before, here at FZY we love incorporating our activities and nature, which is why alongside the off-site experiences, we encourage participants to explore new environments off-site.

Shabbat – The word ‘shabbatmosphere’ is often used to describe the ideology and culture of FZY events. Shabbatmosphere is all about creating an uplifting environment during Shabbat. As a pluralist movement, FZY’s programming on this day caters for everyone’s beliefs, and does so whilst bringing Ofek together in a joyous atmosphere to mark the significance of the day.

Zman Kvutsa & Family Time – FZY create a couple of different smaller consistent groups that meet regularly throughout the camp to chill together and process the journey the group are going on. It is a wonderful way for participants to make strong connections with other like-minded individuals.

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