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Atid, the Hebrew word for ‘future’, is the international partnership of three Zionist youth movements, all of whom uphold the values of pluralism.

Contact between FZY and Young Judaea dates back to 1976, between FZY and the Tzofim back to 1977, and between Young Judaea and the Tsofim as far back as the 1940s.


It could be said that Atid, the formal confederation of all three groups was inevitable. Atid held its first convention in December 1997 in Jerusalem. Atid means future and we all believe this is the way to further our individual and collective goals and visions. It faces the reality of the Jewish people, looking at issues of Jewish identity and Israel-Diaspora relations.


By inter-movement activities we begin to lessen the gaps within Am Yisrael. In recent years, there has been a concerted effort to further inter-movement relations. Chanichim on Israel Tour, and in particular Year Course, experience a high level of interaction with chanichim from Young Judaea. Furthermore, members of the Tzofim are often present at FZY Summer Camps, Israel Tour and Year Course. In addition, the Hadracha USA programme, which takes place at Young Judaea’s Senior Leadership Camp, Camp Tel Yehudah, in New York is aimed at bringing teenage members of the three organisations together.

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