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Israel Tour 2024


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FZY Israel Tour is experiencing an unforgettable three weeks in Israel; In engaging with friends, old and new, In embarking on new adventures, In encountering the rich and diverse culture of Israel, and exploring your Jewish identity. 


FZY Israel Tour is a summer of hiking and swimming and Touring and chilling and learning and playing and winning and singing. To spectacular nights under the stars, magnificent sunrises on mountaintops, valuable time spent volunteering, and whizzing around on water sports.

Why Choose FZY?

WE ARE PLURALIST. We won't tell you what to think but give you the tools to make up your own mind.We'll introduce you to  a range of Jewish, Zionist views. learning is about embracing new ideas, not rejecting them. 


We are here to support. Our programmes are among the most popular in the UK we have inspired over 10,000 teens We make every effort to care for our participants, providing a full and expert support structure throughout the programme.

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