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The FZY participants will begin their Year Course journey in Tel Aviv, this part of the programme is called Yama. They will be living with Americans who are apart of Young Judaea. Zman Yachad splits up the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem semesters, where there is a chance for the participants to customise their journey. The Jerusalem semester is focused on education and is known as Machon.


Will there be staff on site at all times? 

In both Beit Hillel in Tel Aviv and Kiryat Machon in Jerusalem, the participants will have madrichim overlooking them.

What do I do if my passport expires when I'm in Israel?

It is very important that all participants must have valid passports during the entire duration of the 9 month programme. Upon arriving in Tel Aviv, Year Course staff will collect the participant's passports and be kept safe. They will only be given back to the participants upon their departure from Year Course or other travel cleared in advance through the Year Course staff.

How do I apply for a visa?

Once the participants are in Israel, they will apply for a student visa via an online application if they are 18 or older by October 2024. For those who will be minors through November 2024, will need to apply for a student visa before arriving in Israel through their local Israeli consulate or embassy.

Do I need to bring my Israeli passport with me?

If a participant has an Israeli passport, they MUST bring the valid passport and a year-long deferment from military service with them. 

What do I pack?

A packing list will be provided to the participants prior to their departure to Israel.

How much spending money should I bring?

Based on former participants, each participant should have access to approximately £3,000 for the year. This is an individual decision that families need to make together. For participants in Tel Aviv, they can expect to spend about 400-500 shekels per month on groceries.

How does security work?

Security precautions may vary at any time. Participants must agree to fully comply with all rules or restrictions imposed. Any failure to comply with these may result in immediate dismissal or other removal. The safety and security of Year Course participants is our primary concern, we consult with the head of security of the Israeli Society for the Protection of Nature and receive all security alerts as they are posted. The participants will receive a security orientation upon arrival in Israel and when changing semesters. They is security on both campuses.

Do I need to have an Israeli sim?

For their safety and well-being, we require that all participants have local mobile phone service 24/7 whilst on the programme. FZY doesn't endorse any specific mobile plan provider, but past participants have used:

  • 019 Mobile

  • TalkNSave

  • Golan Telecom

  • Pelephone Prepaid

For further information regarding Year Course, email

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