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jerusalem semester

The 2025 semester combines field-based learning with classroom studying. The participants will be living in an environment that promotes the development of leadership skills as well as academic knowledge in the areas of Jewish history and philosophy and Israel.

There are three types of classes available for participants at the Machon Institue:

  1. ​Core courses - these offer a solid foundation of knowledge about Israeli and Jewish history. The deep dive into these topics are suitable for anyone, regardless of whether participants attended Jewish schooling.

  2. ELECTIVES - THESE ADDITIONAL COURSES ALLOW PARTICIPANTS TO BROADEN THEIR KNOWLEDGE IN AREAS OF JEWISH AND Israeli history. Examples of electives include Jerusalem City of Faith, Israel and Middle East Politics and Leadership in Action

  3. LaOmek (Practicals) - These range from practical courses featuring site visits, special lectures and guest speakers.

Here is a sample weekly schedule:

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 14.07.17.png


The participants will be living on the Kiryat Moriah campus, located in the Talpiot neighbourhood of Jerusalem. The campus contains dorms, classrooms, a library, dining hall, laundry room and lots of green spaces. This semester mirrors life on university campuses. In Jerusalem, participants are provided with three meals a day.

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