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The YZ Archive

We're more than just summer camps.

Scroll down for a look at some of the archived blogs and vlogs - and surviving editions of the paper-version - of The Young Zionist (1931 - present).

Summer 2008

This one is worth a read for its spotlight and cover story: Life in Sderot. Plus Robert Rosenberg goes in search for the perfect shawarma.

Sixty Years... (Spring 2008)

Some hard-hitting journalism from Louise Sopher: Brainwashed or not - the Aish question?

The People Who Shape Our Movement (Winter 2007-08)

Another edition most readable for its front cover, featuring 49 faces of FZYniks of the noughties.

July-August 2007

Inside this edition: Forty Years from 1967; Israel Boycotts; Jewish Vegetarians; and Can Jesus make you a better Jew?

Under Construction (May-June 2007)

Please submit articles for the next edition by the 26th of May.

After Lebanon (March-April 2007)

Adam Pike asks if Israel will exist in a generation, and the UJIA take out a full-page colour advert!

December 2006

Hannah Green and Jack Prevezer both look at existential crises in Israel and in the Movement respectively. 

Just an Aliyah Factory? (2006)

One highlight is Rafi Addlestone on 'our fifth unspoken aim: Jewish sex'.

Bring Back Israel's Captured Soldiers (2006)

'Has something in this issue made you think...?' Why yes, Editors, something has!

Behind the Headlines (Spring 2002)

A gorgeously designed front cover asks the big question: does Israel still hope for peace?

Viva la Revolution (Autumn 2001, 5762)

Heather Goldstein remembers revolutionary Golda Meir and Alan Berkley wonders whether Israel Tour really is 'the best summer of your life'. Plus, Craig Sherrard on media bias!

Winter 1998-99

This issue... Israel-Diaspora Relations; What's next in Israeli politics?; and YZ through the ages!

1998 Edition

'Having just got back from Veida in Israel...' They did not know how good they had it!

Veida 100 (Winter 1997, 5758)

Oded Regev, FZY Shaliach, on the 'History of Zionism'. And Michael Mitchell (not a joke name) looks at the next hundred years of Zionism.

Bibi... One Year On (Summer 1997, 5757)

Includes a focus on Masorti Judaism framed in Talmud.

Pluralism (December 1996)

'Pluralism, S. Holding more than one office at a time ^ s; Form of society in which members of minority groups maintain independent traditions. ^s; More than one in number denoting more than one.'

June 1996

Remember that you can now get hold of us on e-mail!

Golan, Golan, Gone! (March 1996)

Michael Kaye pens a wonderful feature, simply titled: 'The Diaspora is Dying'. Intrigued? We are.

Peace Shake? Shaky Peace? (Summer 1995)

Distributed free of charge, this edition includes features on religious pluralism, Holocaust denial, Jewish continuity, studying in Sheffield, and all of the usual reports and updates.

Still a Long Way to Go (Winter 1991)

New font, a new front cover, and a relocated FZY Office.

August 1986

Steven Woolf, whose son went on to be Mazkir, asks if it really is necessary to perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust. The Editor, Michael Weiger, would become CEO at UJIA.

Operation Moses (Summer 1985)

Contents include: 'Towards the New Jerusalem'; 'FZY Goes International'; 'Yellow black whatever'; 'Assimilation'; and 'Chinuch a pointless exercise'!

Israel - a nation divided? (November 1984)

Howard Granville takes on this 166th edition as it asks the questions that hang over Israel's 11th knesset.

December 1983

Sara Leviten on Jews or Judaism, and David Aaronberg on the freedom todisagree.

June 1983

The Movement turns its attention towards the refusenik plight.

December 1982

Anne Krisman writes A Jewish Teacher in a non-Jewish School. Worth a read, without a doubt.

July 1982

Features include: 'Anti Zionism on Campus'; 'Zionist Youth and Anglo Jewry'; 'The Jews of Argentina'; and an exclusive interview with Chief Rabbi Dr. Sir Immanuel Jakobovitz.

December 1981

FZY Summer Trips 1982: 15+ participants are welcome to a three week tour for first-timers; 16+ participants can spend two weeks on a Kibbutz and two weeks of touring; and 17+ participants spend two weeks facilitating informal education for underprivileged children in Ashkelon!

Living with Inflation (November 1980)

Adrian Weisberg edits this stroll down memory lane!

June 1979

A certain P O Lenga - later Honorary Life President - writes 'FZY: A Role for the Future'.

The Camp David Edition (October 1978)

This edition includes an epilogue, where the hopeful editors write that YZ readers should forever remember this fateful month, the beginning of peace in the Middle East. How has history judged them?

May 1978

'Israel's over sixties constitute about nine per cent of her total population. By 1990, these figures will haves increased to a disquieting level. Such statistics are much larger than the average and only one thing can change them: mass youth aliyah.'

Oppressed Jewry (August 1977)

The cover illustration, by Alan Sochachevsky, was first seen on the 3rd seder Haggadah this year. 

June 1976

'After some coffee again, Lawrence kept on the boil an argument about national functions, intersociety competition and cooperation.'

Conference Edition 1975

Note.-Thanks to outgoing Mazkirut and other contributors who made this sedition possible. (Names are purely fictitious.)

September 1974

Tractor Drawing by A. Sochachewsky.

September 1972

Includes Kalman Kafetz's fourth in a series of Modern Israeli Writers: Amos Oz's raw emotions.

June 1972

This one is worth a read, if just for the gorgeously illustrated front page.

July 1971

The Editor is pleased to announce the continuance of the series of articles on an ideology for FZY.

December 1970

Includes an exclusive interview with Mr Michael Comay, Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St. James.

October 1970

Who knew that FZY's 1970 Conference (Veida) took place at St Edmund Hall, Oxford!?

Jubilee Edition (August 1970)

Years On: A History of the Movement. The following three articles were specially written for the Movement's 60th anniversary.

December 1969

Includes a glossary of terms pertinent to the Israel-Arab dispute.

September/October 1969

This month's book reviews include the delightfully named 100 Years of the Suez Canal. What a treat!

July 1969

Certainly the recent BBC TV programme Panorama does not help to bring the cause of peace to the Middle East. Acerbic.

March 1969

In this issue: Iraq; True Story; Observer's Corner; Ride a Black Horse.

May-June 1968

Howard Martell of Leeds Hafinjan pens 'Chofesh in Jerusalem'. Here's an extract: The chaos continued for most of the journey but suddenly everyone became quiet. It was not because the bus had come to a standstill or because a bomb had exploded, but because the hourly news bulletin was on the radio. And for the news everybody keeps quiet!

April 1968

Includes a breakdown on the UN's role in the Middle East!

February 1968

This new-look, Israeli flag-emblazoned YZ includes a call from Debbie, who needs you to design FZY Car Stickers!!!

December 1967

South of the Thames presents a party at The Village, 77 Lower Sloane St., SW1. 12/6d. Affil. Members; 15/- Non-Affil.

October 1967

Once again, FZY is launching its annual Essay Competition. This year, all essays and short stories must be on the subject of 'Refuge'.

September 1967

Interestingly, this edition includes a biography of playwright Harold Pinter. Who knew?

August 1967

In this edition: 'The Longest Days'; 'On the outside looking in'; 'Mazkirut profile'; 'Anti-Semitism - An Analysis'; 'Paths to Civilisation'; 'Hagoshrim'.

From the Six Day War (June-July 1967)

This is a fascinating insight into the Six Day War as it happens. 'In these fast-moving times,' writes the editor, ' words are outmoded before they are transcribed on to paper.' About a hundred FZYniks volunteer to go to Israel, dropping everything to join the cause.

April-May 1967

If any of you can do the crossword on this issue, you deserve a gold medal. Answers on a postcode.

January-February 1967

Genuinely, the article entitled 'Reflections of a Jewish Atheist' paints an interesting picture of cultural Jewishness in every way.

October 1966

The issue includes: 'Sinai Campaign - Ten Years Later'; 'FZY Israel Trip - Full Report'; 'Dr Louis Jacobs - Exclusive Interview'. The editorial team in 1966 were keen on the hyphen.

March 1965 (Adar II 5725)

Haim Hochberg, of Class VI Mathematics, Haifa, writes a letter from Israel: Jew or Israeli? There is no real difference.

January-February 1965 (Adar 5725)

One of the letters to the editor is written by N Kruschev. I kid you not.

November 1964 (Kislev 5725)

Did people ever read this!?

October 1964 (Cheshvan 5725)

Ilford's Young Zionist Society have invited us to join the celebrations of the Ilford Folk Festival. Wouldn't miss that for a lifetime!

August-September 1964 (Elul 5725)

Important Announcement! FZY moves from its Great Russell St Office and onto Regent Street. The good old days!

July 1964 (Av 5724)

Wanted! Your contribution to the Young Zionist. Contributions for the August issue should be sent to The Editor at 77 Great Russell St not later than 29 July.

FZY Adopts Eilat Kindergarten Scheme (May-June 1964, Tammuz 5724)

FZY looks at fundraising and support for its new kindergarten in Eilat to combat the education system's huge challenges in 1960s Israel.

April 1964 (Nissan 5724)

We'll be honest. We've read almost every issue of this magazine that we know about, and this one might be the most dull.

March 1964 (Adar 5724)

In this issue is a write-up of Shimon Peres's time in London. The mazkirut - apparently - were notable by their absence... curious.

February 1964 (Shvat 5724)

In this issue: 'Jordan Waters'; 'Temple Youth in Massachusetts'; 'Advertising in Israel'; 'FZY Conference'; 'Israel News'; and 'FZY Chairman to Marry Hon. Sec.'! Riveting stuff!

December 1963 (Tevet 5724)

Paula Lewis wricites her hit poem, 'Kinneret': High on the hills the hazy, orange glow | Of villages and settlements, unreal as mirages.

November 1963 (Kislev 5724)


September 1963 (Tishrei 5724)

I had a most enjoyable and interesting trip and it is most unpleasant to be home again, but I suppose all good things come to an end (Writes Barbara Rubin of Manchester).

July-August 1963 (Av 5723)

This front page renders a handsome picture of a young Levi Eshkol. There is also a 'Bon Voyage' to those FZYniks departing on Israel Tour.

June 1963 (Sivan 5723)

In our (Latin-titled) report of the resignation of Ben Gurion, which takes up a full page, the Movement writes: '[he] was a statesman with an unstatesman-like appearance - his inevitable open-neck shirt under an unruly mop of whipped-up white hair characterized his powerful diplomacy and his firm-handed management...'

May 1963 (Iyar 5723)

In this bumper issue, Israeli Education Minister Abba Eban and Israel's Ambassador Arthur Lourie both write letters to the Federation of Zionist Youth.

April 1963 (Nissan 5723)

Entertainments include: Pageant; Israeli Folk Dancing; Special Artists' Appearances; Buffet. Did someone say buffet?

March 1963 (Adar 5723)

This issue's highlight: Israel on the cheap. 'The scheme is being organised by the Jewish Agency, and the cost will be in the region of £100'.

February 1963 (Shvat 5723)

The Young Zionist - Organ of the Federation of Zionist Youth. (No joke!)

December 1962 (Kislev 5723)

FZY has a motto at last! The winning entry, chosen by the panel of judges from thousands received:

Nivne artzeinu bakoach retzoneinu; We will build our land with the power of our will!

November 1962 (Cheshvan 5723)

The 34th Shnat Sherut group has finished the preliminary training on Dower House Farm (near Bishop's Stortford) and left for Israel for a year on Kibbutz Usha on October 3rd.

October 1962 (Tishrei 5723)

'Moshe, what are you doing on Sunday 18 November?'

'We are going to the Southgate Dance! It's at the Celebrite Restaurant, W. 1, and the donation is only 12/6d.'

September 1962 (Elul 5722)

David Lewis  asks the question on all of our lips: Is there a future for FZY?

'Looking at FZY, it is what I don't see that shocks me. We wish to attract a reasonable intelligent type of youth whether working or student. And yet...'

August 1962 (Av 5722)

On the cover of this issue, you have seen that this is the August edition of the YZ. You may have noted that the July edition did not appear, and that the June edition came out on the last day of that month. That the issuing of the YZ has been erratic this year is an under-statement, and we must apologise for this.

June 1962 (Sivan 5722)

Contents include: 'The Trith about the Jewish Youth Council'; Amsterdam World Congress; Assimilation; £1000 in ten minutes; Short Story Page.

May 1962 (Iyar 5722)

'... and last but not least, a word to British Railways... ugh!!'

April 1962 (Nissan 5722)

David Firestone presents his magnum opus: The History of FZY. And it's not even laced with irony!

March 1962 (Adar 5722)

The Chief Rabbi is under fire. Extraordinary! 

[...] It must have come as quite a shock to many people to realise that this learned gentleman was actually human.

January 1962 (Tevet 5722)

Pre-conference issue... New Look Inside!

November 1961 (Kislev 5722)

This month's report comes from FZY's South London society. 'As well as this,' they write, 'we can boast a table tennis table and last, but not least, the best cup of tea in South London'. Who would want it?

October 1961 (Cheshvan 5722)

'Although we have no rigid rules and regulations as to who should belong, there are always the unwritten ones which I have now taken upon myself to write: We expect out members of FZY to have an interest in Jewish and Zionist affairs and to actively participate in the activities of their own.'

September 1961 (Tishrei 5722)

The front cover of this classic page turner reads: The Zionist Federation - An Anachronism? Read on!

August 1961 (Av 5721)

Published by The Federation of Zionist Youth, 77 Great Russell St., W. C.1. Tel. MUS 3815 (which obviously cannot be a real phone number!)

July 1961 (Tammuz 5721)

Contents include: 'Dinner Jacketed Chalutz'; 'From a Diary in Usha'; 'Once Bitten...'; and 'Uncle Harry, Peanuts and Exodus'. Read on!

May 1961 (Iyar 5721)

Have you booked yet for FZY's 29th annual summer school... Inclusive cost for whole period: 21 guineas!

April 1961 (Adar 5721)

A genuine quote: 'this conference deplores the vagueness of FZY ideals and recommends a more definite attitude to be adopted towards major Jewish issues'.

March 1961 (Adar 5721)

This is one of our favourites - really! The 'Young Zionist ', gorgeously, resembles a newspaper! Plus, Carol Fox writes a feature on Norway's Jews.

February 1961 (Shevat 5721)

This edition marks the debut of the younger-than-usual Hafinjan society. And, in reply to the previous issue, David Chanan argues that Aliyah is not an anachronism.

December 1960 (Kislev 5721)

Contents include: 'Israel Today (Facts & Fallacies)'; 'Conferences, their rights & wrongs'; 'Darkenu - an analysis'; and 'Aliyah - an anachronism?' 

November 1960 (Cheshvan 5721)

The highlight of this issue includes a passive-aggressive half-page indictment of the 'twenty FZY Societies who do not contribute reports' to the magazine.

July 1960 (Tammuz 5720)

Angela Wolfe of Ilford writes to the editor that FZY is the Movement for 'stay-at-home Zionists'. Aliyah? Who needs it?

March 1960 (Adar 5720)

Keep an eye on page 5 for an impassioned letter in support of boycotting the South African National Government for its Apartheid policy.

December 1959 (Kislev 5720)

It is vitally important - apparently - that an FZY group is not a club but a society. Its meetings are not primarily social but are for the purpose of informing and indeed educating the participants in the wider implications behind the word 'Jew' and in the wider aspects of our Jewish heritage and way of life.

September 1959 (Elul 5719)

A brave Michael Cohen takes on the 'Philosophy of Moses Hess'...

April 1959 (Nissan 5719)

'The Jewish Chronicle has been conducting an enquiry to find out what type of person reads that paper. We have been conducting a similar enquiry to find out what type of person reads the Young Zionist. Unlike the Jewish Chronicle, we do not intend to print the results of this investigation.'

Russican Exodus Continues (March 1959, Adar II 5719)

WWII leaves a significant gap in our archives. When we rejoin in 1959, The Young Zionist costs sixpence, includes a quiz, and a scathing letter from a Habonim member which takes FZY to task on allegations that Habonim imbued children of an impressionable age. Feisty.

June 1938 (Sivan 5698)

Lead articles include: 'Britain, Zionism and the Arabs'; 'Herzl and Abdul Hamid II'; and 'Jewry in Russia'.

February 1938 (Adar 5698)

An Historic Event! The Jewish Regiment is Returning to Palestine! Pilgrimage to Palestine, inclusive rate: 28 guineas.

October 1937 (Cheshvan 5698)

Amazingly, still only threepence!

November 1936

Includes a leading article from Eliezer Kaplan: The Yishuv's Resistance.

England and the Crisis (October 1936)

Open Air Meetings at Tower Hill, Mondays, 12.30 to 3.

September 1936

From the editor: 'We got to press in a mysterious atmosphere of unconfirmed rumours and ominous speculations...'

The Menace of Fascism (August 1936)

P. Harris quotes the Jewish Chronicle, who write: "The last week has shown a steady growth in the terror activities of the Fascists... especially in North and East London." Herea, Zionism's response to the diaspora.

June-July 1936

ANNOUNCEMENT! FZY Badges Are Now Ready. They May Be Obtained On Application From: The Secretary, FZY, 75, Great Russell Street, London, W.C. 1.

May 1936

Abba Eban writes up the 'Palestine Riots' of 1936.

April 1936

Under the byline An Open Forum for Zionist Discussion, Issued by the Federation of Zionist Youth. Editors: A. S. Eban & L. G. Salingar

September 1935

This issue includes reporting on the recent 'fusion', incorporating the 'Student Zionist'

January 1935 (Shevat 5695)

Get your learn on, with Jennie Rubinstein's and Annette Goodman's 'The Influence of Women in Jewish Life To-Day''

September 1934 (Tishrei 5695)

This issue asks: 'Should Jews Join Anti-Fascist Societies?'

June 1934 (Sivan 5694)

Opens with a full-page ad. for the Eight Zionist Summer School at Pengwern Hall, Rhuddlan, Nr. Rhyl, North Wales (for just £3 7s 6d).

February 1934 (Adar 5694)

The Philip Herman Memorial Number

January 1934 (Shevat 5694)

In this Issue: 'With the Pioneers in Palestine'; 'Exodus!'; and 'Zionism and the Drama'.

December 1933 (Kislev 5694)

Israel Cohen, General Secretary of the Zionist Organisation, pens an obituary for Leo Motzkin, 'a personality of great distinction'. Motzkin was a key organizer of the Jewish delegation to the 1919 Paris Peace Conference.

November 1933 (Cheshvan 5694)

The best threepence I ever spent...

September 1933 (Elul 5693)

Rabbi Dr H Freedman, B.A., writes 'that Zionism merely as an antidote to Anti-semitism is not a very noble movement.'

October 1932 (Tishrei 5693)

Deborah Cohen's essay on 'Hitler and the Jews' is a real highlight: 'and so Herr Hitler in his wisdom finds the solution to the German problem: away with the Jews!'

July 1932 (Tamuz 5692)

N Goldstone (Manchester) proposes that 'The Galut is more important than Palestine'...

June 1932 (Sivan 5692)

What more could you want than a 'Full AYZS Conference Report'!?

May 1932 (Iyar 5692)

Abba Eban, future Israeli Foreign Minister, on 'Zionism and the Hebrew Revival'.

March 1932 (Adar II 5692)

'Several rumours were strongly in circulation last month, owing to the absence from this page of the oldest regular contributor to The Young Zionist. It is not true that I am dead, not even from the neck upwards.'

February 1932 (Adar 5692)

Gershon Agronsky writes 'We and the World Crisis' , and an anonymous contributor nicknamed SOXHLET denounces everyone and everything in 'J'Accuse!'

January 1932 (Shevat 5692)

Leading articles on 'The Basic Problem', 'Principles of Ahad Haam', and a 'Young Zionist Who's Who'!

December 1931 (Kislev 5692)

Includes retro advert for AYZS (Association of Young Zionist Societies) Anuual Dancce!

November 1931 (Kislev 5692)

Includes William Elijah Chait on 'Jewish Martyrdoms'

It IS worth while (October 1931, Cheshvan 5692)

Includes a riveting biography of 'That Man Ussishkin'

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