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Year Course

What is Year Course?

  • Year Course is a 9-month educational gap year programme in Israel, giving participants the opportunity to live independently and gain invaluable skills before they continue their journey into adulthood.

  • Year Course is designed for FZY’s members, and the wider British Jewish community prior to starting further education or work.

  • This incredible programme allows participants to study, volunteer, and travel around Israel, experiencing the country like never before.


dates and pricing

  • End of August – Mid-May

  • Earlybird Price (Apply by 31st January 2024) - £22,999

  • Regular Price - £23,499

  • Surcharge Price (Apply after 14th May 2024 for an increased price and no guarantee we can provide space) - £23,699


How it works

  • Year Course provides a meaningful year of education and life-changing experiences.

  • It consists of two full semesters, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, each lasting around 4 months.

  • Between the two full semesters, participants will have Zman Yachad, where they can have an experience with the IDF, hike in the Negev desert, choose educational electives to participate in, go on trips both in Israel and around the world, amongst other options.

  • Seminars take place throughout the year alongside special events such as Tiyulim (trips), a weeklong journey to Poland, various Masa-organised events, and living life according to the Jewish calendar.

  • Year Course participants will be joined by their American peers from Young Judaea (FZY’s North American sister youth movement), and members of the Israeli Scouts (Tzofim). FZY chanichim come from across Britain and Europe.


Disclaimer: Please note that the Year Course programme is subject to change.

tel aviv semester

  • Participants spend most of their Tel Aviv semester engaged in one of four core tracks: Internship, Medical-MDA, Marva-IDF, and Volunteering.

  • They will customise their Year Course experience to personalise their time in the city, bringing them into the heart of different Israeli communities, cultures, and experiences.

  • During the Tel Aviv semester, participants will live on a Year Course campus in the centre of the city experiencing independent living by budgeting, shopping, cooking and cleaning for themselves with the support of the Year Course staff.


  • Zman Yachad means “time together” in Hebrew and this portion of the year takes place between early January and February.

  • Zman Yachad allows chanichim from the whole programme to get to know one another and promote a sense of belonging in the Year Course community.

  • Programming during Zman Yachad can range from educational electives to volunteering in the army or hiking in the Eilat Mountains.

  • These few weeks provide experiences for the chanichim to deepen their understanding of various components of Israel.

Jerusalem Studies

Jerusalem is an educational semester in partnership with the Machon Institute.

  • Students have access to a wide variety of courses meant to engage them in Jewish and Israeli topics, with a special emphasis on getting out into Jerusalem to meet the different communities, cultures, and religious streams that call the city home

  • There are three types of classes at the Machon InstituteCore courses, electives and LaOmek (Practicals)

  • During this semester the participants will be living in full-board accommodations with three meals a day provided for them




FZY works with partners from Masa, the Jewish Agency for Israel, UJIA and elsewhere in order to provide financial assistance. For confidential advice on financial assistance for year course, please email

Financial Assistance


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