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Bring on Boujie!

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

All at FZY would like to wish a hearty Mazel Tov to Isaac ‘Boujie’ Herzog on his election as Chairman of The Jewish Agency. Here is all you need to know about Boujie and The Jewish Agency for Israel!

Isaac 'Boujie' Herzog (January 2014)
Isaac 'Boujie' Herzog (January 2014)

Founded in 1929, The Jewish Agency have been instrumental in securing and building the Jewish State. FZY have been working closely with The Jewish Agency since 1950, when our first Shaliach, Avram Eisenstadt arrived. He saw the need for a closer link between FZY and Israel and instituted the ‘Shnat Sherut’ scheme in Israel. Later this was to become FZY Year Course. Since then The Jewish Agency has been ever present within our movement, providing two shlichim a year and a shinshin(it), better known to you all as Dagan, Omer and Neta!

The Jewish Agency have also been instrumental in helping FZY achieve success in many of our programmes, including our recent campaign ‘Paint Over Prejudice’ and our newly evolved Bogrim Seminar in Europe.

So who is Boujie?

Well, Boujie is the common nickname given to Isaac Herzog, the newly elected chairman of The Jewish Agency. Boujie will be replacing Nathan Sharansky, who has held the position for 9 years.

Being the grandson of FZY member and former president of Israel (1983-93), Chaim Herzog, Boujie has a special connection to FZY and it seems some of his grandfather’s ideology has passed right through the generations.

Boujie is a keen activist for pluralism and serves in the Knesset as the head of The Zionist Union. He has served in many ministerial roles including: Minister of Tourism and Minister of the Diaspora, Society and the Fight against Antisemitism. Boujie is instrumental in ensuring the Jewish State is accessible and relevant for all Jews stating:

“A Jew is a Jew is a Jew, no matter his denomination or the type of kippah he chooses to wear or not to wear on his head. I promise to work hard to promote Jewish unity and to partner with the Prime Minister and the government to achieve this crucial goal.”

All at FZY are looking forward to working and developing further our relationship with The Jewish Agency and supporting Boujie and his dedicated team with their goals!


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