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A Second Year: Thoughts from the Mazkir

“Joe, how do you feel about another year being Mazkir?”

“Wait Joe, what actually is the role of a Mazkir?"

'What can we expect from another year of the Movement that Never Stops Moving?'

It’s Friday.

Not even five days back in the office since the end of camp and Tour. Our amazing Madrichim in Ghana have just touched down at Heathrow Airport!

And yet, I could not tell you for the life of me what is on my to-do list for today. Except one thing. Two camp chanichim coming by to say hi and find out what more they can do to stay involved!

2012. Summer. FZY Israel Tour 9. My first real involvement with FZY. What was it? No clue, my older cousin went on it. My friends were all talking about it, my grandma had told me about the time she went to Wales once with FZY… Sure… Sounds cool! Count me in!

After the most amazing month, making new friends and memories, obviously I was going to stay involved. I mean how cool would it be to be able to lead Israel Tour one day?

And then my first leadership experience: Intro to Tour. It was an old seminar that we used to run for Tour chanichim away in a building that was apparently second choice to serve as Hogwarts in the film franchise of Harry Potter. I loved it. I could get used to this leadership thing.

But it wasn’t until the following week… someone had pulled out last minute from leading the second weekend. I was in Yog, Mill Hill (of course) when I got a call to step in. It was Thursday night, the coach left South Mimms in less than 12 hours. But sure, why not – a lot of my friends weren’t going to be there, but last week was so much fun, why not!

So I said yes.

I think that this moment was the first time I felt ownership for FZY. I made more friends of all ages and started to learn how to lead by watching those older than me.

This week alone we’ve had Madrichim from Ofek and Kesher and Israel Tour, a sixth-year boger and camp chanichim all stop by the FZY Bayit (Office) for a catch up. I love this. My emails on hold, the kettle put on and just an opportunity to hear from and engage with our members.

Of course, FZY is a Tour, FZY is Ofek and Kesher summer camps. We’re Netina and Diller and Hadracha, BogSem and Veida. FZY is Jewish and Zionist and Pluralist. Chavurot and NoarLDN. We’re Year Course and we stand up for what we believe in and will paint a wall in Berlin to make it known. But first and foremost. FZY is our members.

Those who have just come off camp or tour, those who went to one Chavurot or NoarLDN. session. The movement is the Madrichim that we all looked up to, that one time, or that one programme we were a part of, and the chanichim that have just been inspired. FZY is the camp Tzevet that were all once camp chanichim, and the chanichim that will one day be the camp Madrichim. We are a Youth Movement.

So, how do I feel about next year?

I couldn't be more excited. I know without a doubt that it will be another year of being inspired constantly by you, our members.

And what can you expect from your movement next year?

Well, cementing some new things that we trialed this year as part of the furniture, maybe some new programmes here and there. The odd revamp of some old favourites along the way, whilst maintaining the programmes and events we’ve all come to love. Maybe working with some new community partners, whilst continuing the amazing relationships we have with others.

There will be some new leadership and educational opportunities for sure! Some new branding and of course some brightly-coloured t-shirts somewhere along the line… some amazing Shabbatonim with awesome shabbatmospheres. Of course there will be collections outside shops and some more Young Zionist content. And maybe even a new campaign?

And the role of a Mazkir?

Well, making sure all that happens for a start. But the most important part of my job. The part that stands above any crazy idea that pops into my mind is remembering the moment that I first felt ownership over my youth movement and making sure that each of you feels the same this year. My job, the way I see it, is to make this your movement, and for you to make your movement, someone else’s movement. And we will pass it on forever into the safe hands of passionate young people.

A group of participants in purple FZY T-shirts
Our first 'Ofek' for Years 7-8!


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