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A change for the Young Zionist

Pearl Castleton is introduced as the new Young Zionist editor of 2024-25, ushering in the theme of “change” for the upcoming year.


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Pearl Castleton. I’m 16 years old and I’m very privileged to be the newly elected editor of the Young Zionist in 2024-2025.


My journey at FZY started back in Year 10 Noar sessions which were followed by Kesher camp, Israel Tour, Hadracha Aleph and HadSem. It therefore seemed inevitable that I would become involved in FZY as more than just a Chanicha during Veida due to how much I enjoyed previous programme. So, I thought, what better way than to enable and amplify the voices of those in the FZY community in our very own magazine, the Young Zionist

I felt Veida 5784 an extremely valuable experience where I felt more than ever the strength of the Jewish community. Going into the weekend, I expected to have many sleep deprived chats with my friends in our dorms, eat a few schnitzels and sing the famous FZY chants. Previously unsuspected, I walked out with a completely new perspective on FZY as a youth led organisation and a newfound involvement in the charity committee, member of Kol Anashim and as the new editor. These are all positions I would never have seen myself in prior to the weekend, but seeing so many devoted young people at Veida, coming together to keep FZY a relevant and evolving organisation really made me see the value in each position and this inspired me to put myself forward for these roles. I have an additional appreciation for the hard work put in, as well as the amount of fun being a leader can be, from passing motions until 3 in the morning to plotting numerous hilarious dares to put in the “banter box.” I also gained more confidence over the three days; by the end of the weekend, I was comfortable sharing my own views in the Round Table sessions where I really felt a level of acceptance and collaboration between everyone sitting in that circle. 

Without going to that first Noar session in 2021, I would not be nearly as engrossed in the Jewish community, having met some of my closest friends through the various programmes. I feel FZY has changed me for the better. 

This brings me onto my aim for the Young Zionist, a change in the right direction if you will… Whilst I have been so happy to see the immense devotion so many have to FZY, my goal is to inspire members to voice their opinions on anything they deem important to them. I would love to see content from a wider range of Jewish backgrounds, age groups and interests being published, which is why the upcoming theme of the magazine will be “change.” These past few months have seen a huge change in the Jewish community, and since October 7th, there has been increasing uncertainty of our security as a community. Each Jew has faced loss beyond description, and the brutality seen has made an irreversible impact on Israel and Jews around the world. Since that fatal day, the community has had to stand stronger than ever, which is why I feel the theme of change is very fitting for the upcoming months.  Especially now, we as an FZY community should come together to support and uplift each other. Therefore, submissions on this theme are now welcome!


I hope this has inspired you to take part in the movement that never stops moving, or to continue if you are already involved! I can’t wait to read the articles you all produce. If you have any queries about writing for the magazine, I’m always available at my email: or contact FZY directly.


Pearl Castleton



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