These will be fortnightly evening programmes, led by our highly-trained sixth form members.


For those in the younger age bracket of year 7-8, we are offering a programme structured around Tarbut (Culture), looking at different aspects of Israeli and Jewish life in an active and dynamic framework, with a big focus on team building and group bonding.

And for those a little bit older, in year 9-10, we have an exciting programme structured around FZY in the Community, looking at what a Youth Movement is, what the different groups in our vibrant community are, and how we can all look after each other.

Both age groups will have trips outside of the FZY environment to great volunteering destinations, as well as a host of other exciting opportunities, such as a jam-packed overnight Shabbaton specifically for Noar and Chavurot, giving your children the chance to experience what is probably their first Shabbat away with a Youth Movement and to meet other members from the UK.

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