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This Is The Next Step

This is The Next Step to the best summer of your life.

This is The Next Step in your story.

This is The Next Step, experiencing an unforgettable three weeks in Israel. In engaging with friends, old and new. In embarking on new adventures. In encountering the rich and diverse culture of Israel. In exploring your Jewish identity.

This is The Next Step towards a summer of hiking and swimming and touring and chilling and learning and playing and winning and singing. It’s the Next Step to spectacular nights under the stars, magnificent sunrises on mountaintops, valuable time spent volunteering, and whizzing around on water sports.


This is The Next Step to the perfect way to explore a beautiful country, for the first time or for the fiftieth.


But you’ve just found us.

And this is The Next Step in your FZY journey.

In Summer 2020, we are offering every Jewish 16 year-old the opportunity to do something amazing with their summer.


Over the years, FZY have taken over 10,000 people to Israel on our programmes. That is over 10,000 unique stories. Because of this, FZY Israel Tours have an outstanding reputation. Our tours are well organised, and activities are extremely varied. All our tours are led by two madrichim (leaders) from the UK and two madrichim from Israel, who go through an extensive screening process and participate in training seminars both in Israel and in the UK.

FZY Tour

FZY’s Israel Tour is the rite of passage for the UK's 16 year-old Jews. Each Tour bus, accompanied by Israelis from our partners in the Tzofim (Israeli Scouts), experiences the same core programme in order to discover and explore Israel from every angle. From touring around Jerusalem’s Old City to floating on the Dead Sea, this programme takes you to explore your connection to all four corners of one of the world’s oldest and newest countries.

You've been to Israel before? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Our programme is suitable for first-timers and for forty-timers. It's a tailor-made programme which aims to offer a series of new and immersive experiences to people who have already visited Israel before on an organised programme, as well as providing the perfect intro to the country. FZY goes beyond the traditional tour to take you to explore new places, off the beaten track, sharing experiences with other people like you. Come gain a deeper understanding of life in modern Israel, and of the stories behind it.

Why FZY?

FZY tours have an outstanding reputation. In fact, over the last decade we have taken over 5000 people to Israel on short and long-term programmes. They are well organised and activities are extremely varied. All our tours are led by two madrichim (leaders) from Britain together with two madrichim from Israel, who must go through an extensive screening process and participate in training seminars both in Israel and in Britain.


Three Reasons

to choose FZY Israel Tour

Because of what we believe...

FZY is a pluralist youth movement. That means we respect and celebrate people with diverse beliefs and values. Our Israel Tour programmes is not scared to engage with a range of political viewpoints.

In a world of increasingly fractured opinions, we won’t tell you what to believe. Instead, we’ll introduce a wide range of political and religious voices, enriching your knowledge and experiences and giving you the best opportunity to draw your own conclusions.

For us, learning is about embracing ideas, not rejecting them.


Because of the support we can give...​

FZY Israel Tour has consistently been amongst the most popular programmes in Britain throughout the last two decades, with a track record of providing the highest level support for our participants. Our expertise in the field has enabled us to inspire over 10,000 young adults on our programmes in Israel.

This means that we make every effort to care for our participants, providing a full and expert support structure, before, during and after the programme. This includes: four staff-members per group, one of whom is a fully-trained first aider, a full-time health coordinator, a consultant doctor, a consultant mental health adviser, and a social worker on call 24/7.


And because of our spectacular Programme...

We firmly believe that our Israel Tour programme is the best. We don’t want to bore you with all of the nitty, gritty details, but here are some of the highlights that we think that we do better than anyone else:


The FZY Maccabiah Games — …where FZY and Young Judaea Tour groups compete against each other in the hope to be crowned champions on the shores of the Kinneret. During the Games, all of the FZY Tour groups descend upon one patch of sacred and hallowed turf in a friendly, competitive atmosphere, for sports, education and talent contests.

Hike The Night — Everyone hikes in the day time, but not everyone hikes in the night time. We do. See a totally different side of Israel as the desert cools off and the animals climb out of their burrows and the stars light up the region, miles away from the nearest town or city.

Meaningful, People-focused Interactions — Not just packing boxes, FZY Tour groups have the chance to engage in real, meaningful volunteering opportunities, playing with and teaching young Israeli children from less privileged backgrounds or working alongside the wonderful charity Save a Child’s Heart. We also meet amazing role models from all different backgrounds and celebrate Israel’s wonderful people.


On top of all of this, our programme is absolutely jam-packed! Last year, a typical day saw groups wandering around ancient cities, kayaking the Jordan River, meeting up and doing activities with young Ethiopian Israelis, driving down to the desert and spending the evening riding camels, before finally sleeping under the stars.



Details & Dates

Full 2021 dates: TBA

Reduced cost: £TBA

Full cost: £TBA

Reduced cost available to participants who make initial application and pay a deposit by DATE TBA. No reduction is made for those who apply prior to this deadline but pay the deposit afterwards afterwards.

Places are subject to availability and require a non-refundable deposit of £500.

Financial Assistance

FZY believes that no child should miss the opportunity to take part in one of our programmes due to financial circumstances. Bursaries are available to help any participant who might otherwise be unable to attend.

To apply for a bursary please indicate so on the application form. All requests are treated in confidence.

Who do I contact?

Contact Imi for tochniot and other content information, or contact Ruth below.


Ruth Jakes is the Programmes Co-Ordinator and is the primary contact for Israel Tour enquiries: payments, application forms, medical documents, travel arrangements and miscellaneous requests and details.

UJIA Israel Experience

FZY is proud to be supported by UJIA Israel Experience which is organised by the Jewish Agency for Israel and supported by UJIA.



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