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FZY Camp is an experience like no other. Whether you’ve been on camp before, are a regular attendant at weekly Chavurot, or are looking to jump into the start of your FZY journey, there is simply no better place to be this summer!

This year, we’re proud to once again be offering our famous Ofek and Kesher UK camps, as well as the hugely successful Kesher USA, which is back for a second year!

The action-packed UK camps are filled with everything from our famous Maccabiah sports event and legendary colour war to exciting trips out and our annual lip dub, while Kesher USA will give participants in year 10 the fantastic opportunity to spend the summer in America.

FZY camps are run by the most dedicated and experienced Madrichim (leaders), who all grew up in the movement and work tirelessly to create the best camp experience possible. Our peulot (activities) are engaging and educational, and help create an experience which is truly like no other.

Participants will make lifelong friends from all over the UK, Israel and even the USA, and make memories that will never be forgotten. All of our summer experiences create deep and lasting connections to FZY and Israel – chanichim will strengthen their Jewish identity and become the next generation of Jewish leaders.


12-13 (Y7-8, S1-S2)

2021 Dates TBA

Ofek returns this summer for Years 7-8 (England) and S1-2 (Scotland)! The 8 night programme features exciting activities and unforgettable trips out. With its incredible atmosphere, participants will never want to leave!

No two days are the same, with activities including: A Day Trip; Outdoor Activities; Sports; Arts and Crafts; A memorable FZY Shabbat; The Maccabiah Games; Colour War; Final Party; Tzofim (Scouts) Activities; Camp Fire.

Kesher UK

14-15 (Y9-10, S3-4)

2021 Dates TBA 

Kesher UK is back for Year 9-10 (England) and S3-4 (Scotland), lasting 11 nights and 12 days.

With a schedule packed full of the most exciting activities and days out, Kesher UK represents an exciting next step in the FZY journey. Making lifelong friends from across the UK and Israel, chanichim will experience the most exciting activities, days out and educational peulot, all contributing to an unforgettable summer.

Kesher UK highlights will include: Bake Off; Camping and Hiking; Cooking; Day Trips; The Maccabiah Games; Camp Fire; Tzofim (Scout) Activities; Final Party; Colour War; Havdalah; an unforgettable FZY Shabbat; Outdoor Activities; Arts and Crafts; Sports; Track electives: Sports, Tzofim (Scouts) , Living outdoors, Tiyul.


What they said

“Our son had such a fantastic time on his first FZY camp this summer. He made a brave decision to go to camp, knowing no one else, but he quickly settled and got stuck in to the range of exciting activities. His reports of the quality of the leadership, the constructive atmosphere and the thoughtful, stimulating programmes gave us confidence as parents. Meeting him off the coach at the end of the camp, we were greeted with a beaming smile and an immediate request to go back again next year! Thank you FZY!” 

— Mr & Mrs T, Manchester, Ofek 2018

The highlight of my summer once again was FZY Kesher Camp. Getting to share it with old and new friends, enjoying experiences in and out of my comfort zone. Bring on Israel Tour.

— Lucy Ross, Kesher 2017



Ofek and Kesher UK are planned, organised and led by an experienced team of dedicated and enthusiastic madrichim over the age of 18. All our leaders are part of the FZY family, who have been on FZY Israel Tour, Year Course and/or other programmes and activities. We believe that good staffing is crucial in providing a successful, fun and enjoyable camp.



Food, health, welfare

All food on Ofek and Kesher UK is Kosher.


We cater for vegetarians, vegans and any other special dietary requirements. We provide three full nutritious meals a day and also offer a variety of tasty snacks from our daily tuck shop.

FZY’s primary concern is the health and safety of our chanichim. There will be at least one qualified first-aider on site at all times and all chanichim will be registered with a local doctor for the duration of Ofek and Kesher. In addition, we have a comprehensive welfare framework, including a welfare officer on site at all times, and a counsellor on call for the duration of the programme, both ensuring the physical and emotional welfare of all our chanichim.


Safety, security, insurance

Applicants are required to make their own insurance arrangement to cover personal belongings and the loss of deposit and/or full payment due to unavoidable cancellations.

As with everything we do, the safety and security of our participants is our number one priority. We liaise with the CST in order to make all necessary provisions.  We will follow all measures that we are advised to take.



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