‘What a country!’

Last week, FZY’s Movement Team got in touch with the wonderful Noah Efron—previously a member of our partner movement in USA (Young Judaea) and now a professor at Israel’s Bar Ilan University—about sharing a little of his incredible Promised Podcast via The Young Zionist, our ideological journal/blog/vlog that we share on Facebook.

Please enjoy Noah Efron & his Promised Podcast musings on what makes Tel Aviv such a special, and distinctly Jewish, city. The transcript - below - looks and reads like glorious and gorgeous poetry...

Fighting here to the studio, uh dodging the buses

and the trucks and the cars, things were like

they always are but yesterday and the night

before on Yom Kippur when the buses and the

trucks and cars stopped and the streets are taken

over by people congregating or walking or riding

bikes or scooters. Everything was different and

here are few of the things that I saw:

Someone took out a

bunch of garden chairs and set them up in a

semi circle right in the middle of the street and