"We have to act in a fashion that would ensure stability for the next 109 years."

This week, the Mazkir Joe Woolf, speaks in depth about FZY's exciting new venture; Friends of FZY. Joe puts forward an emotive case for the importance of our movement's sustainability, presenting the Friends of FZY as a means to "ensure stability for the next 109 years."

Over the last week you may have seen brightly colored posts on our social media, just like this one:

Yesterday, the announcement was revealed: a new website for the Friends of FZY, and a new, systematic process for FZY’s fundraising efforts. For our members, there’s every chance that this announcement isn’t so exciting, but this announcement is no less important. This venture signals the start of FZY’s commitment to making an impact long into the future. I can’t be sure what you thought when the announcement was made, but I am fairly confident that some people would have rolled their eyes...

"I’m always giving money to FZY to send my children on their programmes!”
“I have donated before to FZY. Why now?”
“Sure, I love FZY, but do they really need my money? I don’t have spare coins lying around for a youth movement."

This article isn’t the place to go into detail about who FZY are and what incredible things we’ve achieved in the past. If you want to find out some more about that, just check back to recent Young Zionist articles, or trek even further back into our archive. Instead, I want to use this post to answer some of the responses above…

"I’m always giving money to FZY to send my children on their programmes!"

Thank you! Parents like you who encourage your children to engage with FZY are making a profound impact on them, and on the UK’s Jewish community. Young people like your children and their friends are having transformative experiences every year on Israel Tour, on Ofek, or on FZY Year Course. They are thinking in depth about what it means for them to be Jewish; discovering their connection to Israel, its people and its culture. Some of them may have become more committed, volunteering as Madrichim to lead and engage hundreds more people with FZY. These individuals have gone on to make huge changes to their communities, schools, universities, and even their countries. So, again, thank you!

The Movement believes that all of our programming should be as financially accessible as possible, even if this means that we have to lose money to make it happen. FZY’s Mission is committed to inspiring and educating all Jewish youth to take part in the future of the Jewish people; we certainly don’t want to place financial barriers to that. We are asking people like you to help us achieve this mission. Your donations will allow us to do everything in our power to offer programmes at the lowest price possible. Any help is greatly appreciated to help us to function in this way, and you’re welcome to specify where you want your money to go.

"I've donated before to FZY. Why now?"