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The Young Zionist at Veida 5779: A New Era Dawns

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Mazkir Joe Woolf shares his thoughts on some of the highlights of Veida 5779, and welcomes a new era for The Young Zionist.

Over 50 FZY chaverim attended Veida this year, making it not only one of the largest Veidot in the last decade, but also by far one of the most ideological, interesting and effective weekends – at least that any of the members there could remember! Members, madrichim and chanichim came together to discuss, debate and determine the direction of their Movement in the coming years.

This article for The Young Zionist serves two purposes.First, to inform our members, alumni, families and friends of some of the incredible motions debated, discussed and agreed upon throughout the weekend.

Thursday started with some good old-fashioned welcoming and framing. The theme for the weekend was ‘The Bigger Picture’, so it was essential for the Steering Committee and Movement Team to get convey to the members that this Veida had a simple goal: to understand if FZY remains fit-for-purpose.

...this Veida had a simple goal: to understand if FZY remains fit-for-purpose.

Part of this bigger-picture chinuch included a silent disco, where the music was interrupted on different channels by distinct voices in the Zionist narrative. It was phenomenal to see members sit, listen and reflect, while their friends may have been hearing completely opposite views.

The weekend also included a number of interesting Open Space sessions and Round Table discussions: FZY’s role in challenging Anti-Semitism; body image; an Ulpan class; far-right wing politicians and Israel’s relationship with them; and looking at UJIA’s model of Reuven Rivlin’s 4 Tribes...

Members spent a meaningful Shabbat focusing on pluralism and how we can strive to be better at achieving it.Plenary debate was rife. Motions included the election of our new chosen UK charity for 5779: Grief Encounter.

In addition, members passionately supported a resolution to visit more Israeli charities during Israel Tour, and fiercely debated whether the Movement should adopt a position on the Two-State Solution. Delegates passed important, binding mandates in favour of creating a structure for mentoring.

Other motions passed include: a commitment to teach Mental Health Training from a younger age; the appointment of a Bogrim Ambassador to Year Course; a commitment to continue non-partisan education; and a formal stance taken against the BDS movement.


The second purpose of this article serves as a handover. FZY has now elected, after years of this position falling on the Mazkir/a and the Movement Team, a new editor-in-chief of The Young Zionist.

We are pleased to introduce Joel Landschaft-Singe, a second-year student studying education and sociology at York University.

Joel went on Year Course 2015-16 and has been both a Madrich and chef on our summer camps, as well as holding various other positions both as a Chanich and Madrich with FZY.

Joel will be following in the footsteps of Chaim Herzog, Abba Eban and many other Young Zionist editors, working alongside the Movement Team to redefine and reshape the YZ, both for FZY members and the Jewish, Zionist community at large. We look forward to Joel’s editorship and are thrilled to be handing the baton over to the Movement proper.

If you are interested in getting involved or writing for The Young Zionist, or would like to receive, updates please email:


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