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Inside the Jewish Office of Organisation: a Short Story

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

What if anti-semitic stereotypes and conspiracies were true? Take a further look at (((Dan Shomron's))) tale about a day at the JOO; the Jewish Office of Organisation.


It was a slow day at the Jewish Office of Organisation.

“Hey, (((Sarah)))!” Sarah heard a familiar voice as she walked into work that morning.

(((Adam)))! How’s it going? Hey, I heard you got that big promotion!” She replied.

Adam gleamed, “that’s right my friend, you are looking at the new chief in command of controlling the weather in the Americas and Europe.”

“I’m so proud of you,” Sarah replied, “I’m stuck over here with controlling the media. It gets repetitive you know. Churning out the same Hollywood film every few weeks. No one’s seemed to notice, but at this point we just make sequels or turn books into films.”

“Really? Are you still making sure everyone who watches is a slave to Zion?”

“Yeah that’s easy at this point. But it just gets so boring,” Sarah moaned.

“Yeah, well, the pay’s good. Lots of money. Lots and lots of money...” Adam responded.

Their conversation was cut short when a receptionist arrived.

“Um, (((Sarah))), (((Moses))) would like to see you in the International Affairs department.”

“Oh, ok (((Jacob))) I’ll be right over,” she responded before immediately turning back to Adam. “Oy gevalt, I hate (((Moses)))! Just because of that one thing he did he thinks he’s the big boss round here.”

“I mean, he is the boss? Also I wouldn’t downplay that ‘one big thing,’ it was pretty huge,” Adam said.

“Whatever. I’ll see you soon,” Sarah replied as she left.


As she walked to meet Moses, her mind was racing. Was this the big promotion she had always been waiting for? Maybe, just maybe, she’d be chief in command of media after so many years in the practice.

She knocked on the door.

“Come in!” A booming voice responded. Sarah walked in and took a seat in front of Moses’s desk.

“Good morning, (((Moses))).”

“Please, call me (((Moshe))). Do you know why I called you in here today?” Moses replied.

“No sir. What is it?” Sarah asked.

“I feel there’s a new role for you at the JOO.” Sarah smiled. This was it. This was the promotion she’d been waiting for.

“You’re going to be the script writer for the News in North America,” Moses told her. Sarah scowled. This was practically a demotion. She had been in charge of the JOO's Hollywood branch for so long, and the News was nothing in comparison.

“Sir, do I have to take this role?” Sarah asked, knowing she was slightly pushing the boundaries.

“I’m sorry, are you not happy with this?” Asked Moses.

“Uh… not really, no,” said Sarah. Moses’ face turned red.

“Sir, your horns are showing,” Jacob piped in.

“I don’t care, (((Jacob))).” He was seething at this point. Sarah gulped and prepared for the incoming storm.

“Do you know who I am, (((Sarah)))? Do you know what I did?”

“Yes, sir, you killed-"

“I killed Jesus! And you dare oppose me now when I am offering a better job!”

“I’m sorry sir, but I really prefer my current job.” Moses was horrified by what Sarah had just exclaimed.

“You will either take this job or be fired,” he said, offering her an unfortunate ultimatum.

“Alright. I’ll take the job then,” Sarah said, swallowing her pride.

She left Moses’ office and went back to her friend.

“So, what happened?” Adam asked.

“I’m now a news writer,” Sarah replied with a glum look.

“Oh, wow. That sucks man,” Adam said. They stood for a bit.

“Hey, at least the money is good,” Adam reminded her, in an attempt to cheer her up. Luckily, any mention of money did cheer Sarah up.

“Yeah, that’s true at least,” she replied, and went to work in her new role.

Dan Shomron


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