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Expanding our Office

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

After the success of our first print issue in 10 years, the Young Zionist is returning to regular programming. We're introducing a new team of editors to further diversify the content of our publication, and to give even more opportunities for contributors to get involved.


I suppose the title is somewhat misleading. While the home of the Young Zionist is the FZY office, we do not work out of a fixed location. In the past this labour of love set up shop wherever I opened my laptop. I soon recognized that in order for our magazine to evolve, we needed to get together a crack team of editors who can take specific care for the growth of various sections; hopefully they would also have a laptop that doesn't hyperventilate and crash every 10 minutes. Thus, we have split the Young Zionist into 3 sections controlled by 3 different editors - clever right...

Dan Shomron, Comment Editor

Dan is 17 and lives in Manchester. Last year he was a fellow in FZY's Diller Teen cohort.

Hi, I’m Dan and I’m happy to be an editor for the Young Zionist. My role will be Editor of the Comment Section, which will be the home for satirically slanted articles and opinion pieces. I wanted to get involved because I never get to write anymore. Doing a collection of maths-related A Levels means I don’t get to express creativity as much as I’d like to. Writing satirical articles allows me to let that out in the form that I want.

As an editor, I hope that we can make the Young Zionist a stable publication for years to come. It’ll hopefully be a place for plenty of FZYniks to convey what they’re truly passionate about.

Noah Besbrode, Political Editor

Noah is a 19 year old student at the University of Durham, where he studies Spanish and History. He was a madrich on camp in 2018 and 2019.

As the Young Zionist’s Political Editor, I’ll be coordinating articles surrounding the political discourse in Israel, and also conversations involving both Israel and Judaism in the global sphere. I wanted to get involved with the Young Zionist because despite studying History at university, I began to realise that I wasn’t learning about one of the things that mattered most to me; Israel. Whether that was due to a dearth of Israel-related modules or purely down to my own ignorance, I knew something had to change, not only due to my own curiosity, but also because I was often looked to as a beacon of knowledge on all things Israel by my non-Jewish friends. When they’d see something controversial or critical in the media, they would ask me: “Is that really what it’s like?” Or, “how could you support such a country?” I’d often find myself at a loss as to what to respond.

As such, I made a more concerted effort to engage with both Israeli politics and Jewish issues, so I could answer both their questions, and my own, about Israel. I hope to use this platform to provide articles that offer political analyses from unique angles that are also easy to digest in this increasingly complex quagmire that is Israeli politics.

Amelie Englander, Education/Chinuch Editor

My name is Amelie and I am the editor of the Education section. I chose this topic so that I can write about my interests and also link this with Judaism. I think it is extremely important to link your passions with your identity and this is exactly what I can achieve through editing this section. I wanted to get involved in the Young Zionist because I want to support FZY in every way I can. Through being an editor for this magazine, I hope to refine my passion for the academic subjects I am interested in - mainly English Literature and Classics so expect to read a lot about those areas from me!

I hope to interest people and inspire them to think about things other than core school subjects and most importantly, I hope for people to enjoy reading the Young Zionist, which I guess I’m now responsible for!


And just like that, the single greatest team of editors the Jewish Youth of the UK has ever seen was assembled. There were none more capable to provide accessible and creative material for their readers. It was just the start of a saga that would see the Young Zionist branch into avenues that it had previously left unexplored, reaching frontiers that no one had ever thought imaginable...

Please show all your support to our fantastic new editors! They're exceptionally eager to help you develop your article ideas into a published piece of work. Just get in touch with the relevant editor or myself to get started.

Chazak Ve'ematz

Joel Landschaft-Singe


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