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Kedma is the brand name FZY gives for the activities and programming for 16-18 year olds. Mostly these are aimed at those who spent the summer on FZY Israel Tour, but the activities are generally opened up to anyone in the community of the appropriate age.

 Read the information below to find out more details about the Kedma options in 2022-23. Please be aware that places are limited for each option.  

After finishing a Kedma course, graduates of the programmes will proceed to take on leadership roles in the movement, roles in local weekly gatherings, organising charity events, and eventually leading camps and Israel Tour.

If you have any questions about any of the Kedma options, you can speak to your Tour Madrichim, email, or you can call the FZY office on 020 8201 6661.

Diller Teen Fellows

Diller Teen Fellows (Diller) is a year-long teen leadership program for 17 year-olds (Y12).


Throughout the programme and together with our counterpart group in Mate Asher, Israel, Fellows (participants) will develop leadership skills, explore their Jewish Identity and connections to Israel and engage in meaningful Tikkun Olam/Social Justice opportunities.


Fellows will partake in a handful of overnight seminars and weekend shabbatonim, culminating in two longer experiences: one in the UK (Spring 2023) and one in Israel (Summer 2023).


To read more about how we run the programme, click here.


Our flagship Kedma programme is Hadracha, which means 'instruction'. It's an informal course which sees you progress from chanich (participant) to madrich (leader) and have a great time along the way!

The Hadracha course will allow participants to develop their love for Israel, Judaism and Social Action, resulting in them becoming the next generation of FZY Madrichim (leaders). During the year, participants will have the opportunity to co-develop and co-lead sessions for our wonderful Noar (younger people) programme.

Take part in regular sessions and Hadracha Seminar, an overnight Shabbaton with Hadracha-niks from across the country as well as those participating in Hadracha Bet (Y13). 


Price: £349


Includes: Regular activities until spring plus a Shabbaton.  (Discounted price for Veida will be offered when Veida applications launch.)

Hadracha is supported by the Jewish Youth Fund.

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