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FZY is delighted to have received so many applications for its Degania programme this summer.  With Israel Tour unable to happen in summer 2021, we are happy and proud that we can offer alternative programming that is appealing to our membership.


In order for FZY to cater for as many people as possible this summer, and due to the large number of applications that have been made, FZY has made the decision to run the Degania programme twice, back-to-back.  A participant can only attend one of the sessions as they will have identical programming, be based at the same location and with the same staff.  So as to accommodate the running of these two sessions and the large number of applications, the dates for Degania have moved very slightly.  That noted, both sessions are still 7-nights long, will be staying in the same location as was published with the same programme – all that has changed are the dates slightly.  


Session 1 will run from 21st July – 28th July, with Session 2 running from 29th July – 5th August. 


After submitting your application, you will receive an additional form to specify your chosen date & friend preferences. 

Before FZY closes its office on Friday 14th May, earlier if possible, FZY will come back to you with your provisional acceptance status and to share which session you have been placed. 

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