Year Course – Tracks & Options

As well as the ‘core’ programme: Jerusalem Studies, Bat Yam, Israel Experience and Special Interest. There are also a number of Tracks and Options to add to your year.

Extra Add-Ons:

Shevet Track (additional cost) -

Shevet is a Tribe endorsed, Modern Orthodox track, providing a strong framework for chanichim (participants) to explore their Jewish observance in a group setting.

Shevet chanichim follow the Year Course programme, but also have an additional group identity and a number of extra elements including; dedicated staff (religious co-ordinator), additional programme time (Zman Shevet) and Shabbatonim and trips for the Chagim.

Travel Options (all at an additional cost):

Tikkun Olam in Rwanda -
Travel to Rwanda for a month to work in an orphanage village.

Kuma (Poland trip) -
Explore the rich heritage of European Jewish history and explore the events of the Shoah.

Olami (World travel) -
Explore different Jewish communities around the world with your peers, and learn about different cultures. There are three trips throughout the year, each of them can be taken as individual options.

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