Year Course – Special Interest

The Special Interest Month component of the year provides participants with a variety of different options in order to tailor part of their Year Course journey. The exact options will be presented to the chanichim during Year Course, but the following are examples of options that should be on offer:


One of the unique aspects of Israel is the large number of religious Yeshivot and Seminaries (religious study schools) that are located in Jerusalem and around the country. Choosing this option will allow chanichim the opportunity to study in one these schools and to broaden their Jewish education surrounded by thousands of others doing exactly the same.


There is no better way to see Israel than to hike across it. By choosing this option, chanichim may hike from the Mediterranean Sea in the West all the way to the Kineret (Sea of Galilee) in the East, sleeping under the stars and soaking in all the natural beauty that Israel has to offer. They may also choose to hike some of the national hiking trail, which runs from the North to the South of the country.


With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, why not get a step ahead of you peers and take an internship in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv? Year Course has many contacts in different industries from business and finance to the heart of art and politics in Israel.


Spend some time on a Kibbutz, giving you the opportunity to fully experience Kibbutz life while working with one of the various branches: farm, kitchen, animals, kindergarten, gardening, etc.

There are also many other options to learn new skills or experience Israeli culture, as well as the opportunity to create your own plan to make Year Course, your course.

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