Year Course Research – On Course for a Jewish Life

FZY have always known that the impact of the FZY Year Course programme is long-lasting.  It is one which sets the participants up for a successful life rich in Jewish content, communal involvement and with a strong connection with Israel.  To test this theory FZY conducted a large piece of research which revealed very interesting results.  Amongst other things FZY can now reveal the following which was determined by the respondents of the far-reaching research project:

Further Education & Life Skills
  • 95% went on to attend University
  • 64% of Year Course graduates (over the age of 23) revealed that Year Course had given them skills they had used in their professional career
Jewish Identity
  • 96% of married respondents had married someone Jewish
  • 89% reported that FZY Year Course strengthened their Jewish identity
Relationship to Israel
  • 92% said FZY Year Course strengthened their commitment to Israel
  • 88% were extremely or very attached to Israel
Connection with the Jewish Community
  • 82% attended at least one Jewish community event in the previous year
  • 67% had held a leadership position in the Jewish community
  • 58% of FZY Year Course graduates had engaged in Jewish volunteer work within the previous year

To see the full piece of research and to get a better understanding of the impact of FZY Year Course on its participants, read the research project found below.

YC Research Cover