Internship Placements

The internship on the WUJS programme is “tailor made”.  This means that we find the best fit for you according to your requests, experience and qualifications.  Here is a partial list of the internships fields that we offer on WUJS:

Finance, Business & Consulting

Intern with major International and Israeli consulting and insurance firms or gain trading experience by working in the Israeli stock market.

  • Oppenheimer
  • APCO
  • Ernst and Young Israel

Communications (Advertising/Marketing/PR)

Work with some of Israel’s marketing, advertising and public relations companies.

  • Citrin Group-PR
  • Rounds
  • Wolf Communications and Public Relations


Israel is one of the worlds’ most highly talked about countries and is always making headlines.  Intern at one of Israel’s major newspapers.

  • HaAretz
  • JPost
  • TimeOut


Play a role in the lives of Israeli children and youth.  Intern at schools, community centres, after school programmes and more.

  • The Jaffa Institute
  • Bialik Rogozin school
  • City Kids

Film Productions

Israeli cinema and photography have made significant strides and have gained major accolades in recent years.  Come be a part of these exciting industries by interning with well known Israeli photographers and film makers.

  • Highlight Films
  • CoPro Festival
  • DocAviv Festival

Healthcare and Medical

Past WUJS interns have been able to gain valuable medical experience by interning at major Israeli hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation facilities and ambulance services.

  • Ichilov Hospital
  • Assuta Hospital
  • Tel-Hashomer Hospital

Humanitarian Work

Help bridge the gap and protect human rights by interning at some of Israel’s best humanitarian organisations.

  • ARDC
  • Israid

Jewish Communal Work

Learn about world Jewry and be part of exciting research projects and informal Jewish education initiatives by interning at some of the best Jewish communal institutions in the world.

  • Beit-Tefila Israeli
  • Beit HaTfutsot
  • World Union of Jewish Students


The Israeli non-profit sector is one of the largest in the world.  Intern at an Israeli nonprofit organisation and work with different populations such as at risk children and youth, refugees, woman, or the disabled.

  • Save a Child’s Heart
  • Green Peace
  • One Voice

Politics and International Relations

Research and learn about international terror and learn how to prevent it in the top security companies in Israel.

  • International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)
  • Max-Security


Learn what it’s like to work in the “Start Up Nation” by gaining valuable experience at top Israeli or International start ups and high tech companies.

  • CallApp
  • Casaversa
  • SaLead

Tourism and Hospitality

Gain valuable experience in hotel management, event planning, and marketing through an internship with a major hotel chain, boutique hotel, or tourism company.

  • David InterContinental
  • Atlas Hotel
  • Hilton


WUJS participants have interned in a variety of Israeli art institutions – from Major museums and galleries to work with individual artists at their private studios.

  • Noga Gallery
  • Design Museum Holon
  • Zalmania


Israel’s skyline is in constant development!  Gain experience by interning in top Israeli architecture firms – in large offices and boutique agencies

  • Israelvitz
  • Mayslits Kassif Architects
  • Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture


Intern with some of Israel’s best designers – work includes designing, marketing, visual merchandising, and advertising.

  • Dafna Levinson
  • TLV Style
  • Skeatch

Food Industry

If you want to intern at a chocalatier, bakery, or in the nutrition field then WUJS is your programme!

  • Roy Chocolate
  • Lehamin Bakery
  • Delicious Israel

Human Resources

Intern in an HR department at a major International company or a Human Recourse company.

  • HP-HR department
  • Urban recruits
  • Gamestar search

Environment and Sustainable Energy

This field has been gaining significant momentum in Israel.  Come intern at some of the best environmental organisations in the world that focus on different environmental issues.

  • WAWA
  • Zalul
  • Assif Strategies

LGBTQA Activism

In partnership with JQ International, join a global phenomenon of LGBTQA programming, rights and advocacy work by interning in one of Tel Aviv’s LGBTQA non profits.

  • The Gay center in Tel Aviv
  • Hoshen
  • IGY – Israeli Gay Youth

Academic Research

Use your Academic background on the Top Israeli Universities.  Help promote Israeli Academic research with the world’s top professors on variety of fields.

  • Brain Research – Dr. David Anaki
  • Psychology – Dr. Liad Mudrik
  • Microbiology and Biotechnology – Dr. Tal Yehuda


Engage in the amazing theatre industry in Israel, behind scene!

  • Cameri Theatre- Hair and Makeup
  • Nefesh Theatre
  • Maor Zabar Costumes