WUJS (21-35 Year Olds)

The FZY WUJS programme is the number one internship / arts programme in Israel.  It is the longest running programme of its kind with the first intake nearly 50 years ago in 1968.  Today WUJS has more than 8,000 alumni from all over the world.

WUJS is a 5-month programme based in the heart of one of Israel three largest cities: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa.  The programme is aimed at university graduates between the ages of 21 and 35.  Through internships, a Hebrew ulpan and weekly excursions around the country the WUJS programme allows participants to connect to Israel and their Jewish identity whilst providing them with a deeper understanding of their chosen career path and themselves.

There are two different tracks on offer in order to best provide for the individual.

Internship Track

The internship track provides participants with a high-level internship in the field of their choosing.  90% of WUJS participants say being on WUJS helped them find a job back home and 30% of participants receive job offers from their internship.

Internship placements include options in finance, marketing, journalism, medicine, politics, human rights and many more categories.

For more information on the Internship Track, click here.

Arts Tack

The WUJS Arts Track caters to all different kinds of artists be that musicians, performers, photographers, writers, painters, filmographers, etc.

The programme with its teachers and staff will guide you to develop your own artwork project and will give you the platform to display this in a public exhibition.  You will have regular siyurim (field trips) to art museums, galleries, studios, etc to help with the creative spark.  There will also be options to intern in one of a variety of arts based options including art galleries, dance centres, film studios, etc.

For more information on the Arts Track, click here.


You can choose between one of these three different locations for your WUJS experience.

Tel Aviv is one of the world’s most exciting, cosmopolitan cities.  Tel Aviv is full of restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, galleries, theatres and more. You’ll live in an apartment in the fashionable Florentine neighbourhood, a short ride from both the beach and the cultural centre of town.  By day you will step into a thriving international business or arts environment.  By night you will step out and experience the best nightlife in the Middle East!

Jerusalem is one of the most ancient and unique cities in the world.  It is home to an energetic mix of cultures, aromas, tastes, languages, and religions!  You will be based 10 minutes away from the Old City and 5 minutes from the stylish restaurants and boutiques.  Work at a thriving company, non-profit organization, or on your art during the week and on the weekends, explore fascinating archaeological sites.

Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel and one of the most diverse cities in Israel.  The city has a mixture of modern neighbourhoods and older districts and is situated in the beautiful area of the Carmel Mountains which lead into the Mediterranean Sea.  Close to restaurants, bars and of course the beach, Haifa is a great location to experience the beauty of the sea, forestry and city all enrolled into one.