Summer Camps (12-15 Year Olds)

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Picture 4This year we are introducing Ofek camp for Year 7 and 8’s! Ofek is 8 nights long from the 29th July- 6th August. Expect meaningful experiences, unforgettable moments and exciting activities all within a sociable environment. You will experience our legendary Maccabia Day, the famous colour war and an exciting day trip. You will get to experience an unforgettable FZY Shabbat, Havdallah and outdoor activities and be a part of an unforgettable FZY Camp experience.


Kesher is FZY’s popular and highly successful summer camp for 14 -15 year-olds (Year 9 -10 in England, S2-S3 in Scotland).

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My favourite thing about camp were the activities and that there was something for everyone, each day I learnt something new.  It was so great bonding with the Israelis on camp!

(Charlie Armstrong, Leeds Summer Camp 2017)

From the 29th July – 9th August, not only will you experience our legendary Maccabia Day, the famous Colour War and many exciting day trips out, you will have the chance to spend camp with Israeli scouts, enjoy a memorable Shabbat like no other, different tracks that include cooking, sports, camping, Tzofim, a 25 year anniversary ceremony and be a part of an unforgettable FZY Camp Experience.

What is FZY Camp?

FZY is a Zionist Youth Movement, and so we aim to educate and inspire every British youth to play a part in the future of the Jewish People and in the State of Israel. On Ofek and Kesher, we educate and inspire chanichim (participants) about Judaism and Israel by looking through the history and connecting it with the modern-day reality. This is done through a range of various interactive and engaging peulot (sessions) running throughout camp, some which take place in their individual kvutsa (group) or with the whole of camp. Each kvutsa is made up of 10-15 chanichim and has 2-3 madrichim (leaders). With a new and exciting programme allowing you to meet new people and make new memories, FZY promises you that Summer 2018 will be one that you will never forget!


Picture OneOfek and Kesher are planned, organised and lead by an experienced team of dedicated and enthusiastic madrichim over the age of 18. All our leaders are part of the FZY family, who have been on FZY Israel Tour, Year Course and/or other programmes and activities. We uphold our belief that good staffing is crucial in providing a successful, fun and enjoyable camp.


All food on Ofek and Kesher is Kosher. We also cater for vegetarians, vegans and any other special dietary requirements. We provide three full nutritious meals a day and also offer a variety of tasty snacks from our daily tuck shop.

Health & Welfare

FZY’s primary concern is the health and safety of our chanichim. There will be at least one qualified first-aider on site at all times and all chanichim will be registered with a local doctor for the duration of Ofek and Kesher. In addition, we have a comprehensive welfare framework, including a welfare officer on site at all times, and a counsellor on call for the duration of the programme, both ensuring the physical and emotional welfare of all our chanichim.

Picture TwoInsurance

Applicants are required to make their own insurance arrangement to cover personal belongings and the loss of deposit and/or full payment due to unavoidable cancellations.


Safety & Security

As with everything we do, the safety and security of our participants is our number one priority. We are liaising with the CST and other Security Services in order to make all necessary provisions in this regard.  We will follow all measures that we are advised to take.

The highlight of my summer once again was FZY Kesher Camp. Getting to share it with old and new friends, enjoying experiences in and out of my comfort zone. Bring on Israel Tour 2018

(Lucy Ross, Leeds Camp 2017)