Birthright Eligibiity

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Birthright Israel offers free trips to Israel to provide young Jewish adults with the opportunity to explore Israel, a country rich with history, culture and spirituality. The 10 day trip is an introductory and educational peer experience in Israel.

This trip is open to Jewish young adults ages 19 – 26 from, or living in the UK at the time of the trip.

You are eligible if…

  • You have at least one Jewish parent, consider yourself Jewish, or have completed a conversion course (certificate required), you may be eligible.
  • You have finished high school before your trip departs.
  • You are turning 27 on or after May 1 for summer trips, or on or after December 1 for winter trips.

If you have been to Israel before, you are eligible if…

  • You have visited Israel with your family or for other personal reasons.
  • You have visited Israel on a peer programme for less than 3 months before turning 18.
  • You have come as part of a touring group, educational, or study programme before turning 18.
  • You were born in Israel, hold Israeli citizenship or have an Israeli passport, but left before you were 12 years old. (Documentation needed)

You are not eligible if…

  • You have served in the Israeli army or volunteered on an Israel army base
  • You have been to Israel for more than 3 months since the age of 12

If you have any questions on your eligibility, just ask us at

To apply for this Birthright trip all you need to do is visit this site, click the button “Start Now!” and complete the forms.  In the question asking you to select the trip make sure to select “FZY – August 22, 2017″.