Internship & Volunteering Options

Here are some of the organisations we have worked with in the past.  We can offer no guarantee for your internship / volunteer placement this summer but we are certain that we will find the right organisation where you can make a meaningful difference and/or gain the experience you are looking for.


  • Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews
  • Aleh (children with severe mental disabilities)
  • Baka day care center
  • Harmony Jewish-Arab summer camp

Bat Yam

  • Kadima (afternoon day care for children)- a variety of places which include Jewish -Arab day care
  • The 3rd – elderly community center
  • Ohavim (loving) Soup Kitchen

Tel Aviv

Business Development/Finance - Intern with major International and Israeli consulting, investment, and insurance firms or gain trading experience by working in the Israeli stock market.

Communications (Advertising/Marketing/PR)- Work with some of Israel’s top marketing, advertising, international relations and event planning and tourism companies.

Education- Want to play a role in the lives of Israeli children and youth?  Come and intern at schools, community centres, after school programmes and more.

Computer Science/Engineering/Technology – Intern at some of Israel’s top science institutions – help publish scientific papers and work with some of the leaders in Israel’s scientific community

Film/Photography - Israeli cinema and photography have made significant strides and have gained major accolades in recent years.  Come and be a part of these exciting industries by interning with well known Israeli photographers and film makers

Humanitarian Work and Coexistence – Help bridge the gap and promote coexistence by interning at some of Israel’s best humanitarian organizations.

Jewish Communal Work – Learn about world Jewry and be part of exciting research projects and informal Jewish education initiatives by interning at some of the best Jewish communal institutions in the world

Journalism - Israel is one of the worlds’ most highly talked about countries and is always making headlines.  Come and intern at one of Israel’s major newspapers

Nonprofit – The Israeli non-profit sector is one of the largest in the world.  Come and intern at an Israeli non profit organisation and work with different populations such as at risk children and youth, refugees, women, or the disabled.

Psychology – Intern at some of Israel’s best psychological institutions and hospitals and assist in research projects and papers.

Politics and International Relations

Sports – Become a personal trainer, work as a coach with children, or help develop an exercise and nutrition plan at a medical facility – these are some of the exciting internship options available on Amirim!

Technology/Start-ups - Learn what it’s like to work in the “Start Up Nation” by gaining valuable experience at top Israeli or International start ups and high tech companies.

Tourism/Hospitality- gain valuable experience in hotel management, event planning, and marketing through an internship with a major hotel chain, boutique hotel, or tourism company

Visual Arts/Arts-

Architecture – Israel’s skyline is in constant development!  Gain experience by interning in top Israeli architecture firms – in large offices and boutique agencies

Fashion – Intern with some of Israel’s best designers – work includes designing, marketing, visual merchandising, and advertising.

Food Industry – If you want to intern at a chocalatier, bakery, or in the nutrition field then WUJS is your program!

HR- Intern in an HR department at a major International company.

Real estate- Intern at some of the best Real Estate firms in Israel!

Environment and sustainable energy – This field has been gaining significant momentum in Israel. Come and intern at some of the best environmental organisations in the world that focus on different environmental issues.

Design – We provide participants with internships in a variety of areas within the design field – from animation to graphic design, and from costume design to hair and makeup!

LGBTQA Activism - JQ International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Ally Internship- In partnership with JQ International, join a global phenomenon of LGBTQA programming, rights and advocacy work by interning in one of Tel Aviv’s LGBTQA non profits.