Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is eligible for Amirim?

Amirim participants are university students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 26 who come from the UK, North America, Europe, Israel, and around the world.  Most participants have previously visited Israel.

  • Is this programme right for me?

Amirim is a great opportunity to expand your exploration of Israel, contribute to Israeli society, and grow independently abroad.   This programme is also perfect if you are searching for a meaningful internship or volunteer experience and the ability to customise your time in Israel.


  • What is included in the cost of the programme?

The programme costs include apartment and utilities (not phone), insurance (medical and third party), internship/volunteer placements, staff support and guidance, evening activities (twice a week), weekly day trips, two-day opening trip and a two-day trip/hike at the end of each session.  Participants will receive unlimited bus passes for the Jerusalem and Bat Yam/Tel Aviv areas, respectively.

  • Is airfare included in the tuition?

Airfare is not included in tuition.  You should make your own travel arrangements to and from Israel.  Late arrivals to the programme and early departures from the programme are not permitted.



  • Can I arrive before the start of the programme or stay later?

Yes.  Please note that all participants are responsible for arranging their own flights.  You are welcome to arrive early or extend your stay in Israel, but it is your responsibility to take care of transportation and accommodations before the programme begins and after it ends.  You will not be allowed to enter the Amirim apartments early or stay at the apartments after the programme ends. (Check out from the apartments is at noon on the last day of the programme).

  • How do I get from the airport to the apartments?

There will be two pick up times for each session which will be announced closer to the programme’s start date.  These pick up times will be based upon participant flight arrival times.  You will be notified of the pick-up time options two weeks prior to the beginning of the programme.  You will be responsible for your own transportation back to the airport at the end of the programme although the staff are there to advise on this.


  • What kind of organisations can I intern with?

We offer a variety of internship placements that address various issues in Israeli society including education, women’s rights, coexistence, health, community building, children, human rights, animal rights, LGBTQI issues, and more.  If your interest lies in a different field, we would be very happy to try to find a new opportunity for you.

  • Is there Ulpan available on the programme?

There is no Ulpan component for the Jerusalem, Bat Yam, and Tel Aviv sessions, but our staff will be happy to recommend a local Ulpan for which participants can register independently.

  • Are all the activities mandatory?

The two-day hiking trip at the beginning of the programme is mandatory and every Sunday there will be a group session that is mandatory.  All the other weekly day trips and evening activities are optional.

  • What can I expect on Shabbat?

Participants are free to make their own plans on Shabbat.  There will be one optional Shabbat programme for the 4-week session and two for the 8-week session (if the participants express an interest).  Additionally, our staff are happy to provide suggestions/ideas on how to make Shabbat meaningful, special and fun.

Living Arrangements

  • What does the apartment include?

Apartments come with a basic kitchen setup (cooking materials, utensils, oven, microwave, hob, refrigerator/freezer, and basic kitchen supplies), table, chairs, sofa, bathroom with shower, pillows, blankets and sheets.  There will usually be four to six participants in each apartment with two people sharing a room.  Apartments are divided based on gender.

  • Are meals provided on the programme?

Participants are responsible for all meals on the programme.  Meals will be provided during the mandatory two-day orientation hiking trip.  We are happy to provide a starter kit of food upon arrival to each apartment on the first day.


  • What are the safety procedures on the programme?

The safety and security of Amirim participants is our primary concern.  FZY’s partner organisation Young Judaea who operate the programme in Israel has a designated security officer and security committee who constantly review and update security procedures.  Young Judaea retain, as a consultant, the head of security of the Israeli Society for the Protection of Nature – the agency responsible for field trips throughout the country – and that consultant maintains daily contact with all of the security services in Israel.  We also receive in real time all security alerts posted by the Security Department of Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and its subsidiary company The Israel Experience.  At times FZY and/or Young Judaea may take security measures which are in advance of and/or exceed those recommended by JAFI or the Israel security authorities.


  • Do I need a phone?

Every participant must have with them at all times an Israeli mobile phone that can receive standard text messages for meeting times, change of plans, alerts, and emergencies.

We recommend renting a mobile phone from IsraelPhones (  Rental information will be provided to all participants when accepted to the programme.