Programmes & Activities

FZY organise and run a large variety of programmes and activities predominantly aimed at the British Jewish community.  These programmes are wide-ranging on many different levels:

Programmes can vary from 1 hour to 9 months long with a huge number of options in between.

•  FZY programmes and activities generally cater for people anywhere between 11 and 35 years of age, but there are a variety of alumni events which reach out to people much older than this.

•  There are a mixture of activities between local events predominantly servicing London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Redbridge and also national programmes which are currently based in the UK, Israel, mainland Europe, Morocco, the United States of America and even Rwanda & Ghana!

• Although FZY activities are focused to service the British Jewish community, FZY have taken participants on its programmes from all over the world including, but not limited to, Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Israel, United States of America, Hong Kong and many more!  FZY is a truly global operation!

•  The activities and programmes offered range vastly in style and content from hiking to arts, sports to education, home-based to travel options and so much more.

Summer Programmes

FZY are renowned for their summer programmes all over the British Jewish community.  There are a wide range of programmes that FZY offer for all different age ranges.  For 14 and 15 year olds there is the Kesher summer camp based in the UK.  For 16 year olds there is the legendary Israel Tour programme.  At aged 17 participants can choose between a Hadracha Plus programme based in the UK or a Kaytana programme back in Israel.  If you are aged 18 – 26 then there is the Amirim programme which allows the participants to spend some time in Israel, or members can choose to voluntarily work at one of our many summer programmes as a madrich/a (leader), rakaz/rakezet (coordinator), medical/culinary/logistical/kashrut supervisor or in another capacity.

For more information about FZY’s summer programmes, click here.

Local Activities

Currently, FZY have regular meetings in North West London, Leeds, North Manchester, South Manchester, Glasgow and Redbridge.  These activities generally take the form of chavurot (peer-led societies) and hadracha courses (leadership courses) and are aimed at participants from 13 to 18 years of age.

For FZY’s more senior members, aged 18+, there are regular meetings and activities which take place in the university towns which are home to the majority of FZY bogrim (graduates).  Some of these are peer-led and others are led centrally by the FZY movement workers and shlichim.  They meet most regularly in Birmingham, Bristol and Nottingham, but there are also meetings in Manchester, Leeds, London and Oxbridge.

In many of the localities listed above, there are one-off activities for FZY members between the ages of 13 and 26 which are often based around the chagim (Jewish festivals), yamim (Israel’s national holidays) or just because an event has not happened for a little while.

Long-Term Israel Immersion Programmes

FZY offer two different long-term immersion programmes in Israel.

Year Course, which is FZY’s flagship programme, is aimed at 18 year olds who are taking a gap year after completing secondary school.  It is a 9-month programmes which gives participants an in-depth experiential understanding of both Israel and their Jewish roots whilst providing them with vital life skills which will make them stand out from their peers when in university and applying for work.

WUJS is a 5-month programme for university graduates which gives participants internship opportunities in Israel in one of the three largest cities: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa.  WUJS has different tracks which caters for those who want to explore their artistic side as well as those focused on getting vital experience in the workforce.

Seminars & National Events

There are a huge number of seminars and national events that FZY hold throughout the year.  Some of these are to bring together certain communities in FZY, i.e. Kesher reunion, Israel Tour reunion, Bogrim Seminar, Committee Seminar, Hadracha Seminar, Mazkirut Seminar, etc.  Other events are for the whole membership of FZY to come together at one time; the most important of these events is Veida where all the members are on an equal footing and determine the future direction of the movement.

In addition to these seminars, activities and events that FZY produce, there are other options available where FZY work with different community partners.  FZY runs a trip to Poland in the spring in conjunction with March of the Living UK and amongst others, FZY are involved in many of the community ceremonies that fall around Yom HaShoah, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Rabin.

Alumni Activities

FZY greatly values its past members and as such has a series of events, activities and committees for alumni to be a part of, once their time in FZY comes to an end.  Under the banner of Tamid FZY (Always FZY) events that have been arranged have varied from speaker evenings to quiz nights and from fundraising events to family-orientated social gatherings.  FZY have committees for past members to remain engaged with FZY and many of these too meet on a regular basis.

For more information about Tamid FZY, click here.