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29 February 2012

By Sam Franks

Sam is one of the Chairs of NMH chavura in North Manchester and went on tour in 2011.

Hey FZY my name is Sam Franks;

I am one of the co chairs of NMH (not gunna lie, definitely the better chair). This week I am gunna talk to you guys about our most recent meeting, all about Entebbe.

We started out with a fantastic idea given to us by one of our committee programmers (Aron Glass) and we set to work in creating one of the best meetings that I have ever witnessed at NMH. We darkened the house to create the effect of the night flight and 3 of our members of the

committee including the other co chair Sam Calmonson (yes I know two Sams how hilarious) set about recreating the events of the Entebbe raid and made sure in the clearest way possible to the chanichim exactly what happened.

The night ran really smoothly and ended with Yoni (played by me) getting shot (twice may I add) and dying on the floor. At the end we asked the chanichim what they thought of the meeting and as we expected the loved it.


Thank you very much for listening, reading, half glancing at this while actually looking for tour forms (which is really great btw, I recommend).


Sam F (possibly the greatest chair ever)

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