Louise Jacobs: Office Manager

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20 August 2010
Louise Jacobs: Office Manager
Louise Jacobs is the Office Manager. If you have any questions about the administrative side of FZY and more, Louise is the one to contact!
What is your full name?
Louise Helen Jacobs
How old are you (you can refuse to answer!)?
Not quite the oldest in the office!
What is your position in the office team and can you let us in on any inside plans you may have for this year?
Office Manager: To continue to uphold the excellent reputation of FZY Israel tours and camps and improve where possible.
Do you have any nick-names?
No nicknames!!!
What is your favourite FZY experience ever!?
The first time I went to Israel on Tour with FZY!
What football team do you support?
If you had to pick one person from throughout history that you look up to and respect more than anyone else who would it be and why?
Golda Meir – She was a formidable woman., She was honest, straightforward and single-minded. In the eyes of the world, she personified the Israeli spirit.
If you could have one band or artist on your MP3 player who would it be?
Michael Bubble
Who do you think will be the craziest person in the office this coming year and why?
Apart from Dave the postman, definitely Dena!
Give us a final message for all the FZY-niks this year?
FZY leaves chanichim and Bogrim with memories and experiences that will last a lifetime!

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