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As part of my role on the Mazkirut, I am responsible for ensuring that FZY’s fulfils its aim of tzedakah, and at the moment I am focusing on ways to exceed the £8000 target that we have agreed with the UJIA to donate to our partnership project, the Ethiopian Bar and Bat Mitzvah (EBBM) project.

I write this blog as a kind of plea to appeal to your enormous heart-strings to get involved in fundraising projects. As members of FZY and those fortunate to be born into a society where not having some sort of Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah party is unusual, I believe we really can make a difference to these people’s lives who already feel isolated from the Jewish world.

The Ethiopian community in Israel, is not as fortunate as ours and its youth relies on the generosity of others in the hope that they receive the simplest of gifts including new clothes and good tuition in preparation for their rite of passage from childhood to Jewish maturity.

If you are now asking yourself what you can do to help, the answer my friends is simple.

First of all available to everyone to purchase at the cost of £8 is an “I ♥ FZY t-shirt” available from both North and South offices, just contact a Movement Team member who will oblige your request. There is also a range of other FZY merchandise for sale such as laundry bags and puzzles.

Secondly attending Chavorot meetings and Bogrim events, will help you donate as all proceeds go to this worthwhile cause

Thirdly you can enter a sponsored event for the EBBM fund and get people to sponsor you in aid of the charity.

And finally if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then watch this space for upcoming summer FUNdraising initiatives on Tour and Summer Camp.

Thanks in advance for all your help, there is no gift greater in my opinion then giving a Barmitzvah and making one 13-year old feel part of our FZY family x

New FZY Israel Director

Einav AyalonFZY are very pleased to announce the appointment of Einav Ayalon as the new Director of FZY Israel.

Einav has over a decade of experience working in FZY, rising from an Israel Tour madrich to become FZY Israel Tour Director as FZY Tour grew to its current position as Anglo-Jewry’s flagship Israel programme between 2003-7. From 2007, Einav switched sunny Jerusalem for less sunny Hendon, and served as FZY’s Central Shaliach for three years, where he worked with three different Office Teams to enhance the level of Israel education in FZY and ensure that Israel remained central to our identity as a Zionist youth movement. In recognition of his success as a Shaliach, the Jewish Agency appointed Einav as the Head of the Jewish Agency Education Delegation to the UK in his final year, giving him a more central role in the development of educational Zionist programming in the UK.
Joshua Marks, FZY Mazkir, said: “FZY are very excited to have a familiar face bringing a fresh perspective to the role of directing FZY in Israel. With both Israel Tour and Year Course numbers on the rise once again, it has never been more important for FZY to maintain a strong on-the-ground presence in Israel.”

Einav succeeds Michael Freeman, who is currently on the Diplomats Training Programme in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Making Aliyah shortly after working for FZY, Michael brought over 25 years of involvement in FZY, and was heavily involved in so much of FZY’s phenomenal growth over the years. Michael said “FZY has been a huge part of my life. Together with Young Judaea, it has been my only real professional career and I have loved every minute of it. Not many people get the chance to follow their dreams twice – I made Aliyah and now I get to go into the foreign service to represent our amazing country.”

What now?

By Gilad Amzaleg

Gilad sits on the Mazkirut (FZY’s National Executive) and grew up in Project 500 (FZY’s northern-most Chavura in Glasgow). He is currently planning a Chavurot Seminar in Glasgow.

On the 18th of October 2011 the whole world was glued to their TV to watch the release of a single IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit. After five brutal years of captivity the swap was finally made and few people cared about the political background or the competing agendas behind it. All anyone cared about was that he was getting back to his family, and home, in Mitzpe Hila. After the huge celebration, partying and Gilad returning home, Israel and the world settled down and thought… “What now?”

This is the exact same question we FZYniks face. “What now?” After a 5-year long campaign to get Gilad Shalit released, it has finally happened. At least this part of our Magen campaign is complete. But “What to do now?” Shall we move onto another Magen campaign or stay with MIA’s (Missing in Action soldiers). Should we move onto a non-Jewish cause like the genocide in Darfur or should we protest for the release of Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard?

There are many choices, however one thing for sure is that FZY CANNOT be Magen-less. The FZY motto is a movement that never stops moving and right now, some could argue that FZY has STOPPED. So let us not neglect our responsibility to stand up and make our voices heard or ignore causes that need support. Lets put our heads together and find a new Magen campaign, so that we can find the new cause to mobilise our generation…


FZY Veida

Sign up here for Veida 2011

Since the dawn of time, men and women have battled it out in shows of physical strength, gathering from the four corners of the earth for the ultimate demonstration of sporting prowess. This winter, join FZY from the four corners of the British Isles (The North, Essex, NW London and Ireland) for a four-day festival of banter – celebrating the very best of FZY in four days of ideology and fun!

FZY Veida is your chance to shape the future of FZY, to decide the next generation of leaders in our movement and to discuss other crucial matters of importance – such as the amount of double-velvet toilet paper required at FZY events and whether we should serve apple crumble at every meal.

This is your chance to shape the future of the movement, so join us for the grand Olympic opening ceremony and banquet on Monday 19th December.

So fellow Olympians, please fill in all the forms below, including the medical section.

From 19th – 22nd December at the fabulous Bockleton Manor

The cost will be £85 for non-members and £80 for members and can be paid by cheque or through a paypal request sent to your email.

If you are under 18, please get your parent or guardian to sign a paper version of the medical form and consent form, which will be posted to you once you sign up!

We are so excited for Veida 2011 – the chance for you to shape the movement!

The Champion Chairs of Steering

Faces for Freedom

Emma Stone - FZY Bogeret

Welcome Home Gilad

Join FZY and the Board of Deputies in welcoming Gilad Home

All you need to do is click here: Faces for Freedom

Then take a photograph, upload it and then Tweet it @FZY, @FacesforGilad and @BoardofDeputies

Thank you for your support, both now and over the last five years,

The FZY Team

Good Bye Niv!

It was with tears and beef burgers that FZY said goodbye to Niv, FZY’s Northern Shaliach, who is returning to Israel after two years of service to FZY.
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BRAND NEW : FFZY Desert Trek Video!

Oscar Nominated. A Must See Family Movie.

FFZY Parents Negev Desert Trek 2011

The Friends of FZY (FFZY) have once again teamed up with One to One to plan an amazing experience in Israel for FZY parents in 2011. This will be the ninth year we have trekked with One to One, over the years raising more than £200,000. As in the past, the money you raise will be split equally between the two UK registered charities who both share a love of Israel.


From the Red Sea to Solomon’s Pillars 12th – 20th NOVEMBER 2011 Read more →

Israel Update

Check out our very first update written by mazkirut member, Ed Bergen… read now to find out why you should book your flight for Israel in 2013!

Make FZY History

…and join our VERY FIRST event where we welcome those aged 12 and above into the FZY Family! Come along to the Bayit on Sunday 16th January for our BIG LAUNCH! Spread the Word. Be a Part of it. Contact for more details.

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