A Pledge for Israel - Final
FZY are partnering with IBA to provide YOU with an easy, three step method to present the case FOR Israel during and after the General Election. We are asking our local candidates to sign a Pledge for Israel!
1. ENTER your email address on this link: www.israelbritain.org.uk/FZY/.
2. SEARCH for your local candidates using your postcode.
3. SUBMIT a pre-written letter which includes ‘A Pledge for Israel!’ (see below).
It really is that simple!
FZY have two key goals for this campaign. Firstly to get as many young British Jews politically engaged as possible. And secondly to let candidates know that Israel is an important factor for young British Jews!
Don’t worry if you aren’t 18 yet… your MP represents you whatever your age is.
When you receive your responses, forward them onto mazkir@fzy.org.uk so that we can monitor the impact we are having across the entire country.
Now its over to you… Follow our three simple steps to present the case for Israel!
Email us HERE to let us know of any responses, or for more information.
This is the text of the email that you will be sending to your local candidates running in the general election:

As a candidate in the General Election in my constituency I am asking if you will sign a Pledge for Israel.

The Pledge reads….

If elected to the United Kingdom Parliament I Pledge…

· To oppose those who challenge Israel’s right to exist.

· To support the right of people in the United Kingdom to enjoy Israeli culture and promote business, educational, religious and other connections with the Jewish State without fear of discrimination, harassment and/or intimidation.

· To support those who genuinely seek to promote and establish a permanent, just and comprehensive peace within Israel and between Israel and its neighbours.

· To support the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism.

· To encourage HM Government to promote trade with Israel

As your constituent these matters are crucial to me and your response will be a key factor in determining how I cast my vote in the General Election.