Maccabi GB Community Fun Run! :-)

FZY is running the Maccabi GB Fun Run for the UJIA!

June 22 – Come join our fun run

A wonderful day, out in the sun

Why do we need you? – This is why

To help people like you from FZY

So many people are desperate to see

The land of Israel like you and me

Run on this day and help us raise money

And send those who dream of —–

The land of milk and honey


But, on a serious note, we want to make sure that anyone who wants to go on an Israel trip have the opportunity to do so. Around a quarter of all FZY Israel Tour and Year Course participants receive some kind of financial support and many more are in need of it!

Over the last few years we have unfortunately been unable to take a small number of young people away on the transformative experiences many of us take for granted. With your help we can make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Please get involved, sign up to run, sponsor your friends and come along for what promises to be a fun day to cheer on all the FZY runners on June 22nd!

What is the Maccabi GB fun run? When is it? What are the distances? 

All your answers can be found on the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run website

I want to join! What shall I do?


  1. You register here
  2. When you get to the part where you need to choose a charity from a list of charities, choose the UJIA.
  3. After registering on the Maccabi GB website, please sign up to the FZY list of runners by clicking on this link

How do I raise money?


Once you’ve registered on the Maccabi GB website, send your family and friends this link to sponsor you.



What now?

By Gilad Amzaleg

Gilad sits on the Mazkirut (FZY’s National Executive) and grew up in Project 500 (FZY’s northern-most Chavura in Glasgow). He is currently planning a Chavurot Seminar in Glasgow.

On the 18th of October 2011 the whole world was glued to their TV to watch the release of a single IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit. After five brutal years of captivity the swap was finally made and few people cared about the political background or the competing agendas behind it. All anyone cared about was that he was getting back to his family, and home, in Mitzpe Hila. After the huge celebration, partying and Gilad returning home, Israel and the world settled down and thought… “What now?”

This is the exact same question we FZYniks face. “What now?” After a 5-year long campaign to get Gilad Shalit released, it has finally happened. At least this part of our Magen campaign is complete. But “What to do now?” Shall we move onto another Magen campaign or stay with MIA’s (Missing in Action soldiers). Should we move onto a non-Jewish cause like the genocide in Darfur or should we protest for the release of Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard?

There are many choices, however one thing for sure is that FZY CANNOT be Magen-less. The FZY motto is a movement that never stops moving and right now, some could argue that FZY has STOPPED. So let us not neglect our responsibility to stand up and make our voices heard or ignore causes that need support. Lets put our heads together and find a new Magen campaign, so that we can find the new cause to mobilise our generation…


Faces for Freedom

Emma Stone - FZY Bogeret

Welcome Home Gilad

Join FZY and the Board of Deputies in welcoming Gilad Home

All you need to do is click here: Faces for Freedom

Then take a photograph, upload it and then Tweet it @FZY, @FacesforGilad and @BoardofDeputies

Thank you for your support, both now and over the last five years,

The FZY Team