Meet the FZY Movement Team 2017-18

Joe Woolf

Joe WoolfJoe grew up in Totteridge and went to JFS, where he was Deputy Head Boy. He first got involved in FZY when he went on FZY Israel Tour in 2012. He’s been here ever since, graduating our amazing Hadracha course and recently being a madrich on FZY Israel Tour Two 2016 and Tour Six 2017. His love for the movement has continued to grow and now he is the Mazkir (National Director)!

Outside of work, Joe’s interests are the mighty West Ham United, and Judaean history in the Roman Period.

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Josh Marks

Josh is from Stanmore in North London and first got involved with FZY in 2011. His love for Israel has grown since, and he now is the Rakaz Darom (Southern Fieldworker) at FZY. Josh was a madrich on Kesher (camp) this summer; before that, he led two Israel tours with FZY.

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Sammy Kemp

Though Sammy was born in London, she’s been a committed Mancunian since 2012. Incidentally, that was also the year she first got involved in FZY, when she went on Israel Tour. Sammy went on Year Course in 2014/15, which cemented her love for the movement. Since her return, she’s been a madricha three times on Kesher and with Tour Five. This year, Sammy will be the Rakezet Tsafon (Northern Fieldworker).

Sammy can be reached here.

Dagan Livny

Dagan LivnyDagan grew up in Israel in Moshav Srigim and was a part of Bnei Hamoshavim youth movement as a Chanicha, Madricha and Shinshinit. She was involved with the Jewish Agency as a delegation Chanicha, and a Summer Camp Madricha in South Africa. She served in the IDF as an education officer in “Yad Vashem” Holocaust Museum. She has a BA in Middle East Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, and she is now in her third year as the Central Shlicha.

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Omer Drori

Omer Drori is the FZY Northern Shlicha, based in Manchester. This is her first year as a Shlicha in the UK, but Omer was the madricha twice with FZY Year Course, which means she has a background in working with the movement. Omer grew up in Kibbutz Saad, near the city of Sderot, and was involved in the Bnei Akiva youth movement. She served in the IDF as a commander of lone soldiers for 2 years.

Omer can be reached here.

Neta Mendes

Neta grew up in the Tzofim as a Chanicha and Madricha and is now the ShinShinit to FZY where she helps to run the Hadracha Course and provides educational materials to the movement. Neta also lived for a year in New Delhi.

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