FZY Journey

FZY offers a variety of different activities throughout the year for anyone aged 11 and above. In addition to the year round activities on offer, FZY also offers a number of programmes during the summer. Click here for more information about the Summer Programmes FZY offers.

The FZY movement journey begins at age 11.  For these younger members there are Chavurot (meetings) all over the country. Many of these are societies, led by an elected committee of peers, who on Sunday evenings run educational and social activities. Others are run centrally by senior members of FZY, either the movement team or other trained madrichim.  Many of these chavurot take place in member’s houses, local community centres or in the FZY offices in order to create an unrivalled family atmosphere. FZY has a large number of Chavurot taking place which include London, Essex, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.  There is a summer camp available called Kesher.

The 16 – 18 year olds in FZY join the Kedma programme. This is a variety of different courses that run throughout the year which meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis. These courses could be anything from leadership training to Ulpan. Members can pick and choose which of these courses interest them. Kedma members are encourage to begin taking on leadership roles in the movement, with opportunities including being madrichim at the Chavurot to organising charity events.  There are often one-off events that take place such as a football tournament or involvement in Mitzvah Day.  In the summer, those who are 16 are able to attend the Israel Tour programme and a year later those who are 17 can go on the Netina volunteering and social action programme based in Ghana.

Year Course is the next stage of the movement journey.  This is a 9-month programme in Israel which allows participants to have a long-term immersion experience in Israel.  This involves a 3-4 month study period based in Jerusalem, a 3-4 month volunteer option based in Bat Yam (suburb of Tel Aviv) and a variety of optiontional periods for participants to focus their experience to their own desires.

Bogrim of the movement, those over the age of 18, engage in a variety of different activities and events, most based in the university centres which they attend. These are often led by themselves and include mostly educational, social, and activism events. This may include inviting in a speaker; organising a quasar evening; or possibly embarking on a sponsored bike ride. The bogrim also lead our camps and our national seminars.  The major bogrim programme is called Livnot, an educational experience based on Israel past and present.

The elder members of FZY, generally post university age, are a part of Tamid FZY. Tamid translates as “always” and gives the meaning that when someone has been part of the FZY family they will always remain a part of the movement.  Speaker events, social gatherings and reunions are organised for (and by) them. A growing number of people within the Tamid FZY category are becoming lay leaders for FZY, either sitting on committees who raise money or offer advice to FZY.  The Friends of FZY (FFZY), as a sub-section of Tamid FZY provide bursaries for those members of FZY who cannot afford the costs of the programmes.