The Federation of Zionist Youth (FZY) is a Jewish, Zionist, Pluralist Youth Movement.

At FZY we strive to challenge, stimulate, educate and excite British Jewish Youth with imaginative peer-led programmes on a weekly basis, and on camps, seminars and events at a national and international level. We aim to create a unique and positive atmosphere where all our members feel comfortable to express themselves, develop a strong Jewish and Zionist identity, and have amazing, unforgettable experiences.


Our Ideology
FZY is a Jewish Zionist Youth Movement, basing our definition of Zionism according to the constitution of the World Zionist Organisation. FZY embraces a framework of religious and political pluralism which not only respects but actively celebrates diversity as an integral part of the rich tapestry of Jewish Peoplehood (Am Me’uchad).

FZY’s ideology is realised through four aims:

  • Magen – Defence of Jewish rights;
  • Tzedakah – Righteousness;
  • Tarbut – Jewish and Israeli culture; and
  • Aliyah Nimshechet – Moving to Israel and continuing to do good for the state.


FZY interacts with its participants through a pluralist Jewish framework. As a pluralist Youth Movement, we welcome members from all streams and denominations of Judaism, and from all political beliefs.

FZY strongly believes that what unites the Jewish people is far greater than what divides us, and believes in the inherent value of engagement with diverse Jewish practices, beliefs, and opinions. FZY strongly endorses the schools of Hillel and Shammai when they teach the enduring value of “argument for the sake of heaven”.


FZY & The Community
FZY is Britain’s oldest and largest Zionist youth movement for young people aged between 14 and 30. FZY operates multiple offices in Israel and in the UK, and works with a range of established and growing organisations in the Jewish, Israeli and worldwide communities.