Who We Are

The Federation of Zionist Youth (FZY) is a Jewish Zionist Youth Movement. At FZY we strive to challenge, stimulate, educate and excite British Jewish Youth with imaginative peer-led programmes on a weekly basis, and on camps, seminars and events at a national and international level. We aim to create a unique and positive atmosphere where all our members feel comfortable to express themselves, develop a strong Jewish and Zionist identity, and have amazing, unforgettable experiences.

Our Ideology
Our ideology is based on the definition of Zionism written in the constitution of the World Zionist Organisation, and is expressed through FZY’s four aims:

  • Magen – Defence of Jewish rights

Magen means shield as in the shield of “Magen [King] David”. FZY seeks to protect and defend Jewish rights from all physical and intellectual challenges of anti-Semitism and campaign for Jewish and Zionist causes. Recent campaigns include: MIA Israeli Soldiers, the Vigil for Gilad Shalit and the Sderot campaign.

  • Tzedakah – Righteousness

Tzedakah is a Hebrew word derived from “Tzedek”, meaning ‘righteousness’. One of the most important acts of righteousness in Jewish tradition is the giving of charity, hence its modern meaning of both money and time (volunteering). FZY aims to raise £12,000 a year for the Ethiopian Bar/Batmitzvah Programme, which you can read more about by clicking here.

  • Tarbut – Jewish and Israeli culture

in an FZY context, this usually refers to our commitment to strengthening Jewish identity through Jewish text study and Jewish and Israeli food, literature, film, music and dance.

  • Aliyah Nimshechet – Moving to Israel and continuing to do good for the state.

As a Zionist youth movement, we believe passionately in not only fulfilling the aim of Aliyah, but also contributing meaningfully to the State of Israel once there.

Our Aims
FZY’s aims are educated within a Jewish Pluralist framework. As a pluralist youth movement we welcome members from all streams of Judaism and from varying political beliefs. FZY strongly believes that what unites the Jewish people is far greater than what divides us, and through the pluralist framework which is at the core of FZY, our united message of Zionism and Judaism shines through.

FZY & The Community
For the past decade FZY has been and continues to be the largest and leading Zionist youth movement for 14 to 30 year olds in Britain. With four offices throughout the UK and Israel, the countless staff and members are committed to furthering our ideology through exciting and innovative methods. FZY’s dedication to Israel and the British Jewish Community is unrelenting and will continue to be so for many more years to come.